2021: Developers Needed

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The world is changing and the need for tech has never been greater. Today, the most successful companies aren’t just looked for a quick fix, but looking for employees to help foster growth in the digital realm. This desire isn’t just for tech companies either, but across the board. LinkedIn’s 2020 jobs report showed the hiring demand for engineering roles grew 25% from 2019 to 2020. Additionally, over the next five years an expected 150 million tech or tech-adjacent jobs are going to be created. This pumps tech up to the top of the list of fastest-growing skills since the pandemic hit, including programming and digital marketing.

However, since technical talent and digital skillsets develop so rapidly, the need to hirer people who can adapt remains greater than ever. To help meet this demand, Sabio is making technical learning more accessible to anyone who wants to learn to code and pursue a career in software development. Some of the more in-demand jobs emerging such as IT automation and AI & machine learning are being filled 70% by workers coming from basic tech & digital skills backgrounds and are continuing the grow. While many industries face uncertain future in 2021, there continues to be one yearning to hirer: tech. Learn more on how to get started on your future today.

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