Back to School: How A Coding Bootcamp Can Accelerate Your Career

Students are quickly heading back to school—and that means many people are looking for increased training opportunities, including in-person training, web development bootcamps, or strategies that will allow them to improve their technical skills. Have you been looking for a training opportunity that will allow you to go back to school in order to advance your career? There are a lot of options out there. One great strategy that has benefitted many people is attending an online or in-person coding bootcamp that will allow you to expand your skills.


Are coding bootcamps worth it?

Coding bootcamps offer immense value to many people. Like many short-term programs, you will have the opportunity to go through an intense curriculum dedicated specifically to the tools, skills, and assets you may need to advance your future career. Many people attend coding bootcamps with only a high school diploma. With their new coding bootcamp certificates added to their resumes, however, they're in a great position to launch their careers.

When you attend a coding bootcamp, you get to interact with world-class instructors who understand the vast world of coding and can provide you with insights into the tools you'll use most often if you take a career in coding or programming, they can offer you insights into the most important programming languages for the future, the types of jobs you may want to apply for, and even how you can best tailor your resume to those future needs. Coding bootcamp can be incredibly valuable for graduates. Many of those graduates find that they are able to increase their income or get a new job as a result of their experience. Furthermore, many programs will offer deferred tuition options that will allow interested students to advance their education, apply for top companies, or enhance their overall skills in an easier, more affordable manner.


How a coding bootcamp can accelerate your career

On the fence about what strategies you might want to use in order to break into the tech industry this year, or how you might want to improve your computer science-related opportunities? Take a look at these key benefits of coding bootcamp and how they can help accelerate your career.


1. Coding bootcamps can help increase your salary.

Graduates of coding bootcamps found that they were able to achieve approximately 44% in salary increases once they had graduated. Full stack web development coding bootcamps provide experience in a number of skills, including client-side frameworks, database architecture, APIs, and much more. This is one of the reasons why the average starting salary for coding bootcamp graduates is about $70,000.

2. Coding bootcamp can help increase employability.

While only 5% of coding bootcamp attendees noted that they were working in programming roles prior to attending the bootcamp, around 75% of graduates find jobs that require those new skills after they graduate. High-rated programs may have even higher job acquisition rates in their graduates. Programming languages, coding, and other related skills have become extremely important in many industries and tech-related positions. Unfortunately, not every school will offer the same level of coding experience and opportunities. Attending a coding bootcamp, on the other hand, can provide enhanced knowledge that can make it easier to get computer programming jobs.


Web development is predicted to continue to grow over the next several years, as are software application developers, front and back end developers, and more. Furthermore, coding can be an incredibly valuable skill for people looking into becoming a computer systems engineer or analyst, or those eager to step into network administration.


3. Good coding bootcamps will go beyond simply teaching you how to code.

As you move through coding bootcamp, you may have a variety of opportunities that go well beyond coding. Your coding bootcamp will offer you a complete resource that can help you acquire coding jobs and learn more about what they have to offer.


Work with a mentor who can help you learn more about the field

Starting a career in coding isn't just about taking a course that will help guide you through the basics. It's also about working your way through comprehensive knowledge about industries and jobs you would like to consider and gaining insight into what it might be like to work in those fields.


Through your coding bootcamp, you'll have the chance to work with a mentor who can help you learn more about the companies you might like to work for, the training you might need to move into specific positions, and even the industries where your coding skills will be useful—including fields you might not previously have considered. Furthermore, a mentor can help provide you with support as you begin your job practice.


Get job Search Support

You'll get the chance to go over the coding bootcamp curriculum that covers more than just coding information. Get insights into how to apply for jobs in your field, who the top companies are for coding bootcamp graduates, and how you might want to shape your resume or your LinkedIn profile to ensure that you catch the attention of the right parties. As part of your coding bootcamp experience, you'll have the chance to work with professionals who can guide you through what it might really look like to get a job in the industry.


Explore the Software, languages, and skills You'll Need to Use

What types of software are you most likely to encounter once you join a team? What coding languages are in high demand, and which ones are less popular? How does that change, if you're interested in working in a specific industry? As you go through coding bootcamp, you'll get deeper insights into what it will mean to actually accept a job in the industry, including the real skills and assets you'll need to get started.

4. Through your bootcamp experience, you'll get more information about the future trajectory of your career.

Coding bootcamp isn't just an opportunity for students to learn more about basic code and how to utilize those essential programming skills. It's also a chance to consider your future career path. Where do you hope to be in a few years? As part of your education in a coding bootcamp program, you'll have the chance to work with instructors who can provide you with insights into your future career opportunities, including what types of full-time, part-time, and contract jobs might be available, and how you can move into them in the future.

5. Coding bootcamp can increase your odds of employment at many top companies.

Often, when you go through coding bootcamp, you will discover that the bootcamp experience allows you to connect with many of the top companies in your field. Many software development companies are familiar with the top bootcamps in the area or online coding courses that reflect their needs, and they are eager to approach graduates who have attended online coding bootcamps, in-person bootcamps, and more. Through those programs and opportunities, students learn exactly what they need to be able to work for those top employers. In some cases, the bootcamp provider will even work directly with software developers and senior software engineers from those companies to arrive at a curriculum that represents the growing needs of those companies and those industries.


Women, in particular, may experience the benefits of attending a coding bootcamp. By expanding their network and knowledge, they are often able to open doors that may previously have been closed to them.


Attending a coding bootcamp is a great way to get your feet off the ground and launch a fantastic new career, or to take your current career to new heights. Whether you're looking for basic skills for software developers for the first time or you're interested in refreshing and growing your existing skill set so that you can achieve more favorable opportunities in the future, coding bootcamps are a great way to learn coding, explore the field, and connect with industry experts who can become part of your network and help you improve your ability to get those key jobs in your field.

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