Career Support at Sabio Coding Bootcamp

How our team supports all graduates of the Sabio Coding Bootcamp


Unlike a traditional four-year college program, Sabio Coding Bootcamp prepares students to enter the tech workforce in just a few months, but our services don’t stop there. At Sabio, we are committed to our students' success and understand how invaluable support past the bootcamp stage can be.  We are proud of our 80% post graduation success rate, and look forward to making it 100% in the near future.  

Career Support Services:

  • We offer career counseling, workshops, and training to support our students and alumni’s job search and career development. These services also provide networking opportunities to help students achieve their career goals. 
  • We help students polish out professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and GitHub portfolios. Additionally, we offer individual and customized guidance for each student, including one-on-one career coaching with professional Software Engineers, countless mock interviews, and coding challenges. 
  • We also have frequent networking opportunities - including demo days and recruiters from companies. 

All of these support services together help students get ready for the job market, set goals, get job referrals, and have a better understanding of the industry and employment outlook 


Upcoming in October:


Motivational Mondays with Nancy Her - Every Mon @ 9AM & 4PM PST

Nancy joins Sabio as a Career Counselor to provide professional career coaching to all students in a student-centric way that will support students to find a career upon completing their program at Sabio. Nancy has been an influential leader in the higher education industry for the last 7 years.

Bonus: We’ll treat you to dinner for making 200+ applications prior to attendance 


Data Structure & Algo Workshops with Alexander Blake - Every Mon @ 5PM PST

Data structures and algorithms are essential if you want to write efficient code, and are an essential and fundamental part of technical job interviews. Join us virtually from anywhere in the country to learn tips, tricks and how-to’s for this essential building block from expert Alexander Blake.

General Coding Topics Study group with Clay - Every Tues @ 8AM & Fri @ 12PM PST

Talk to like minded peers about which coding topics are the best to study, swap techniques and information, network with others and build a peer support group. 


Data Structure & Algo Study Group with Jake Kim - Every Weds @ 3PM & Thurs @ 1PM PST

Jake Kim graduated with a BS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly. Previously, Jake worked as a project manager at a construction company. He took the chance of learning to code through Sabio and now joins us as an instructor and valued member of our engineering team. Get together with your peers every week to learn data structures & algorithms to prep for coding interviews and land high paying tech jobs. 

Tech Speaker Series with Kelly Butler, technical recruiter at AVID technical resources  - Every Weds @ 1PM PST

Kelly is an IT Technical recruiter with experience in sourcing active and passive candidates, screening, and managing the candidate’s interview process from start to finish. She has a background in the sales and customer service industry, and enjoy’s connecting with candidates and creating relationships with them. Kellys main goal is to place candidates in jobs  that fulfills them, and guides them every step of the way using strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Alumni Mentor Coaching Sessions  - Ongoing

All alumni who are still seeking a job are assigned to an Alumni Mentor and are encouraged to meet with them weekly as well as join the Motivational Monday session for check in w/Nancy Her. In these sessions students can discuss their experience and career goals. Here, they receive actionable feedback and guidance for today’s job market, as well as coding and tech interview prep, portfolio reviews, networking opportunities, and more. 

Hear from or amazing Alumni via our Success Stories website: 


Fabian - From a Dead-End Job, to Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services


Rozy - From No Tech Experience To Remote Software Engineer


Meri - U.S. Marine Veteran to Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services


Charles - Chemistry major to UI Designer, Casey shares his success story after graduating Sabio Coding Bootcamp


Lia - US Navy Veteran to Software Engineer at Booz Allen


Chris - From learning to code at Sabio, to Tech Consultant at Booz Allen

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