Breaking Down the Requirements for Coding Bootcamp Scholarships


Many people want to work in tech but can't afford the extensive student debt that comes with traditional education. The fantastic news is that there are more affordable tech training education programs called coding bootcamps. 


The bad news is that these programs still cost a considerable amount. However, hope is still there. There are still coding bootcamp scholarships available, with many catering to underrepresented communities in the tech industry. 


So what are the requirements for these types of scholarships? Those who desire to discover more about them are in the perfect place. We'll teach you the standard eligibility requirements you're likely to encounter. That way, you can decide if the scholarships are worth your time. 


How Can a Coding Bootcamp Scholarship Help You?


Coding bootcamps aren't as expensive as college. However, they still represent a costly amount. Scholarships for these educational programs can help you better handle financial responsibility. 


Sometimes these scholarships might take a few thousand dollars off your tuition. Other times they can cover the entire thing. Just remember that every drop in the bucket counts when it comes to your education. 


Common Requirements for Coding Bootcamp Scholarships


It's common to see many coding bootcamp scholarships cater to underserved communities within tech. Other times the scholarships will have specific eligibility requirements. In this section, we'll cover these requirements. 


Income-Based Requirements


For many people, the number one obstacle to education is their income. According to the government, 37.9 million people in the United States live in poverty. Sadly, poverty often has a feedback-loop effect of poverty. 


Limited income prevents people from getting access to higher-income jobs, perpetuating the poverty cycle. That's why you'll see scholarships for people in fixed income brackets. These are communities that benefit the most directly from education money. 


Gender-Based Requirements


The New York Times releases a revealing report about the state of tech education for women. It found that in one year, around 18% of the people receiving computer science degrees were women. However, it also found that 35% of coding bootcamp students were women. 


This reveals that more women would be studying tech if they had access to it. That's part of why you'll likely see many gender-based requirements for these types of scholarships. 


In a career world where almost all of the tech jobs are dominated by men, many companies prioritize women candidates in the workplace and in scholarships. 


For example, here at Sabio, we offer the Women in Tech Scholarship that awards candidates up to $2,500 for their education. 


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Race-Based Requirements


There are numerous challenges facing people of color who want tech jobs. For starters, socioeconomic conditions can make it challenging to afford. On top of that, there's a clear racial bias in the hiring process for specific tech jobs. 


Many employers want to change this huge problem. That starts with making education more affordable. 


That's why you're likely to encounter race-based coding bootcamp scholarship requirements. Sometimes, these requirements can be broad, like any person of color. Other times, they'll be used to support specific communities like Latinos


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Disability-Based Requirements

If you have a disability, you're also in an underrepresented group in tech. There are scholarships that make it easier to access an education either remotely or through accommodations. 



Veteran-Based Requirements

If you've served in the armed forces, it often feels like your country left you behind when you leave the military. Luckily there are scholarships geared specifically for you that give you the specific skills you need to find a new career in tech. 


Did you serve in our armed services? If the answer to this specific question is yes, make sure to explore the different VA benefits that we provide here at Sabio. 


LGBTQ-Based Requirements


There's no doubt that there is a powerful representation of LGBTQ individuals in tech. Unfortunately, they also face considerable challenges when getting started. 


Sometimes individuals might be financially cut off from their families for their sexual orientation or gender identity. 


There's also still a lot of discrimination in the hiring process for certain companies. LGBTQ-based scholarship requirements allow members of this community a fairer shot at a tech career. 


Are There Any Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Everyone?


Yes, some coding bootcamps are open to the public. However, these tend to be merit-based. As such, you'll need to demonstrate considerable natural abilities in computer and tech skills. 


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What Scholarships Do We Offer Here At Sabio?


At Sabio, we provide people with two main scholarships. The first is our Women in Tech Scholarship. 


This option can provide applicants with $2,500 toward their tuition. We also offer a more general scholarship for $1,000 off tuition costs. On top of this, we provide loads of free courses that you can benefit from. 


Want to explore all of our scholarships in more detail? Visit this link to receive more information on all of them. 



The Importance of Coding Bootcamp Scholarship Requirements


If you're excluded from coding bootcamp scholarship requirements, it's easy to feel slighted. After all, why should specific communities have access to education help over you? 


The reality is that these eligibility requirements are an important way for companies to prioritize diversity in underrepresented groups. Many of these groups have been either directly or indirectly blocked from tech jobs for too long. 


Coding bootcamp scholarships are a way to level the playing field in terms of this problem. However, if you can't find a scholarship you like, don't panic. 


There are still tons of other options. For example, here at Sabio, we also offer free courses to at least get your foot in the door in terms of tech training. 


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