Coding Bootcamp: What To Expect When You're Done!

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“Want an awesome job? Learn to code!” is a common saying nowadays. If you’re thinking of getting into coding, you already know why that is.

Coding is a fantastic skillset that opens up countless doors for rewarding, long-term positions. The STEM field currently employs nearly 155,000 people in the United States, with this number expected to hit 165,000 in the next decade. That’s an excellent opportunity for growth if you’re thinking of a career change (or a career boost). 

Coding Bootcamp is designed to polish your skills and keep them competitive for the near future. We’re going to explore the benefits below of learning to code and what jobs you can expect once you’ve graduated. 

What is Coding Bootcamp?

Are you eager to learn new skills, but worried about how long you’ll have to wait before getting a job? Coding Bootcamp dives straight into what you need to know, no frills and no fluff.

Coding bootcamp is a 13-week course on web development and digital design, crafted with the explicit goal of getting workers employed faster. This means focusing on in-demand skills and commonly used programming languages that can easily transfer across multiple industries. 

Staffed with leading industry professionals and padded out with vital career support, Coding Bootcamp is shaking up the educational foundation. Say farewell to educational doubts and hello to a reliable career path!

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Why Go Through Coding Bootcamp?

There are a thousand and one coding programs out there, with all of them promising you even better results than the last one. Why should you choose Coding Bootcamp? 

From affordable pricing to functional skills, Coding Bootcamp is the answer to today’s lingering educational problems. Let’s take a look at the benefits.

It’s Cost Effective

There’s no need to worry about paying astronomical tuition costs here. Coding Bootcamp offers deferred payment plans designed to charge you only when you start working. 

When student loans have reached nearly $2 trillion, it stands to reason something needs to change. You can also choose from a selection of flexible student loans designed to keep your interest low. Veterans are highly encouraged to apply to the Coding Bootcamp and apply their benefits to their next career change.

It Teaches Marketable Skills

Indeed’s recent survey found college students to be extremely worried about future job prospects. Coding Bootcamp teaches you marketable skills that are immediately attractive to prospective employers. 

To date, nearly 85% of Sabio graduates are employed in the field of information technology. Is it any wonder Coding Bootcamp has enjoyed the Best Bootcamp Award for four years in a row? Learn necessary coding skills from C++ to JavaScript, all with the purpose of getting you a job you’re satisfied with. 

We’ve even packaged our courses to be concurrent with similar skills, saving you time and money on your way to improvement. Learn from Node.js or .NET, both crafted with several key programming languages.

You Learn From Industry Experts

The best knowledge comes straight from the source. Coding Bootcamp is staffed by skilled workers with first-hand expertise in their given fields. 

From lead software engineers to business administration, you’ll absorb decades’ worth of combined experience straight from your fingertips. You won’t be left high and dry once you’ve graduated, either. Our teachers are keen to provide ongoing career support to keep you on the right path. 

Learn more about our team here to get a taste of what you’ll learn when you sign up.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get After Coding Bootcamp?

It’s understandable to be worried about how functional your degree is. With so much competition in today’s job market, you need every edge you can get. 

Sabio’s Coding Bootcamp is proud to provide functional skillsets that translate quickly across a variety of high-earning fields. Let’s take a brief overview at just some of the jobs you can get once you complete the program. You might just find one or two to be a perfect match!

software engineer working on a laptop near a server room

Web Developer

If you’re aiming for a position that will net you a job as quickly as possible, look no further than web development. This position combines technical skills and artistic strengths into one handy package.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found web developers (and digital designers in general) to be one of the fastest-growing occupations around. Expect to spend just as much time designing appealing interfaces as you will fixing bugs or upgrading plug-ins. 

Data Analyst

Do you have a seriously sharp eye for detail? Was math one of your favorite subjects growing up? The data analyst field could be the perfect match for you. 

This in-demand field is the backbone of today’s businesses, providing them with the ongoing information they need to make smart decisions. This field will see you rocking spreadsheets, updating machine learning, and giving presentations to stakeholders.

Software Developer

Good software makes the world go ‘round. This is the philosophy behind the software developer: this role is responsible for both designing and creating today’s state-of-the-art programs. 

Not only does this role require rigorous programming, it also crosses over with project management and visual design. 

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Software Product Manager

Overlapping with the software developer, the software product manager oversees much of the production. This is the perfect field if you’re extroverted and love encouraging people’s best work.

This role involves ongoing analysis of market trends and consumer behavior, all with the purpose of creating an unforgettable product. 

Data Scientist

Multitaskers are prime candidates for the data scientist role. Data scientist roles are all about getting feasible business results out of clusters of information. 

Coding Bootcamp will equip you with the hard skills -- and soft skills -- to become one of the best data scientists around. Not only do you need to learn how to use analytics engines, you’ll also learn about modeling data sets.

How can you stand out in today’s hyper-competitive STEM fields? Sabio is founded by software developers who wanted to take a more practical approach to modern education.

User Interface Designer

Do you sometimes find yourself frustrated with the way websites are designed? You could channel that energy into a rewarding career designing user interfaces for millions of people.

The user interface designer will design everything from mobile apps to websites, all with the express purpose of improving the experience of the end user. Coding, UX design, and soft skills are just some of the tools you’ll be using.

Project Manager

Communication skills are gaining brand new appreciation in today’s remote working world. The project manager is the glue that holds teams together, making sure everyone remains on the same page.

Poor communication costs larger businesses a collective $62 million every year. While you can expect to do some coding as a project manager, your communication skills and organizational prowess will take precedence. This is an especially helpful role when it comes to remote work and hybrid-work models.

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woman working at her laptop with a coffee

Software Engineer

Do you love getting down and dirty with a complex project? The software engineer role is a shoe-in for the technical creative, allowing you to research and craft award-winning software.

Not only will you create the software that businesses and individuals use, you’ll be updating already existing software. Patching, testing, and upgrading are the name of the game in a software engineer’s world.

How Can Sabio Help Launch Your Tech Career?

Everyone travels down their own unique path. It can be easy to forget this in a fast-paced world that always makes you feel like you’re behind. 

Sabio embraces the unique journey by providing its students with flexible, practical approaches to learning. When you join Coding Bootcamp, you’ll be presented with the chance to learn marketable skills in just 13 weeks. Once you’re finished, you’ll be on the fast path to a rewarding and high-paying career in fields such as web development, software engineering, or user interface design. 

You won’t have to worry about missing out on vital skills on your way to a new career path. The Coding Bootcamp training courses are divided into the below sections:

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Database Development
  • Source Control
  • Development Environments
  • Other Computer Science

Varied payment options round out the course to ensure you’re properly compensated on your learning journey. Choose between payment plans and loan programs so you can begin studying under today’s skilled mentors. These include:

  • Deferred Tuition Program
  • Career Training Smart Option Student Loan
  • Various Student Loan Repayment Options

Sabio is proud to be represented by teachers with hands-on experience in their respective fields, with some having worked with industry leaders such as: 

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Tesla
  • MedMen
  • USC

Free training courses are available to give you a taste of what Sabio has to offer: you’ll learn vital HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, giving you the ability to start building websites from scratch. This is a useful springboard with which to begin a 13-week course in Coding Bootcamp. Not entirely convinced? Check out our success stories to learn from our recent graduates.

If you want even more in-depth learning, consider applying for the online bachelor’s degree program. Just like the Coding Bootcamp, it’s designed with your future career in mind and is supplemented with affordable payment options (including financial aid). With the right training, there’s no limit to what you can do!

Thinking of taking the plunge in a new career field? Contact Sabio today to schedule a one-on-one call and learn about how you can start reaping the rewards of your passions.

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