Empowering Women in Tech: Programs and Resources That Make a Difference


If thoughts of working in tech excite you, but you have loads of questions and wonder if there is anywhere you can turn for support - you'll love this. We're discussing some of the best programs and resources that will make all the difference in your career in technology


Women who enter this male-dominated industry will likely need additional support. You will be outnumbered at work by as much as five to one. You may have bosses who think your gender means you're not as good as your male colleagues and you must work harder to be seen and heard. But, on the other hand, you'll be working in one of the fastest-expanding industries in the world, doing cutting-edge work that can benefit the planet, and you will have opportunities to maximize your intellect and creativity.  


If you're already working in tech, you know how empowering a support system can be. Here are some of the best programs and resources for women in tech. 


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Girl Geek X


Angie Chang and Sukrutha Bhadouria are the co-founders of Girl Geek, an organization providing many resources for women in tech. Their goal is to connect and inspire women in tech in a few ways:


  • Hosting events (live and virtual), like conferences, career fairs, networking events, and more, where you can be exposed to extraordinary speakers and sponsors
  • Producing podcasts discussing exciting and relevant topics  
  • Videos on their YouTube channel
  • Articles


This organization is an excellent place for exploring new ideas and finding good advice and mentorship for your tech career.  


Modern Figures


Modern Figures is a conversational-styled podcast for elevating black female scholars' voices in computing. Topics like augmented and virtual reality, gender diversity in gaming, crypto, cyber security, intersectionality, computing and social justice, and robotics are discussed by hosts Dr. Kyla McMullen, Dr. Jeremy Waisome, and their guests. Advice is shared for women currently in the field, as well as those who are contemplating a change to tech careers. 


Podcast conversations are designed to be easy to understand by people within tech and computing and those on the outside. They especially want to engage high school students considering a computing career. 


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Lesbians Who Tech


Lesbians Who Tech + Allies is a vibrant and safe place for LGBTQ women, non-binary, and trans people working in and around tech. Founded by Leanne Pittsford over a decade ago, they're now over 100,000 strong! This organization aims to:


  • Be more visible to each other
  • Be more visible to others
  • To grow their community with more women, POC, queer, and trans people within tech
  • To connect with other great inclusive communities like theirs


You don't have to be lesbian to join this diverse community. Sign up for their newsletter and receive news and support. They also offer summits and the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship.  



League of Women Coders


Formerly called the Ladies Who Code, the League of Women Coders is a collection of superhero coders, hackers, and anyone interested in learning programming. They meet monthly to talk, work on projects, ask questions, and share ideas about programming. The meetings are inclusive, and as long as you identify as a woman, you can be a part.  


The League of Women Coders - your superhero base of operations, is open to you even if you are still determining if you love coding. Come by for a meeting, enjoy refreshments and food, and hear the occasional speaker.


Change Catalyst


Change Catalyst is a global leader in generating diversity and inclusion solutions. The organization was formed due to diversity numbers released by Silicon Valley's tech companies in 2014. They have worked for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and startups to build inclusive spaces for women and minorities through consulting, training, coaching, and putting on events. They also help companies and organizations build inclusive, diverse, and equitable teams and improve company culture, processes, and products.



Black Girls Code


Black Girls Code was founded by Kimberly Bryant with the expressed aim of supporting young and pre-teen girls of color in the pursuit of STEM careers. Bryant felt isolated in her college electrical engineering and computer programming courses. She felt especially alone as a woman of color. The program she developed aims to enhance girls' learning by providing lessons (in-person and online) in web design, game design, robotics, and mobile and app design. Black Girls Code is about sparking and encouraging girls to pursue their tech interests. They have chapters and alumni in many major cities throughout the U.S. 


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Women in AI


Women in AI is in 140 countries, with 8,500 members and 200 volunteers. This non-profit do-tank is a global society aiming to bring inclusion, empowerment, knowledge, and active collaboration through research, education, blogging, and putting on events. They support women and minorities to move ahead into careers in AI. 


Women in AI began as a small Facebook group to offer support. Today, they provide:


  • Educational programs
  • Research and research collaborations
  • A blog that brings attention to the challenges of women in AI and amplifies their voices  


Girl Develop It


Girl Develop It is a non-profit organization that offers affordable web and software development courses and supports women and non-binary professionals in STEM careers. They have chapters in 60 cities across the U.S., intending to help eliminate the barriers women and non-binary people face in the tech industry. Girl Develop It hosts live and hybrid workshops, one-to-one instruction, and learning and network events for their members.  


TransTech Social Enterprise


TransTech Social Enterprise provides co-working and co-learning spaces (physical and virtual) to bring knowledge and skills to trans and gender non-conforming people in the tech industry. The aim is to equip them with what they need to succeed, including forming communities designed especially for trans women. 


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Empowering Women in Tech


If you're a girl thinking about a future in tech, we want you to be encouraged to march forward. Although diversity in the industry is lacking, things are changing, and people like you will change it. In addition to the programs and resources above, there are many others for you to connect with. Reach out, try new things, and see where it takes you. 


Are you ready to follow your heart into a career in tech? We can help. Visit Sabio to find out what we can do for you. 


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