How to Prepare for a Full Stack Developer Bootcamp

As a budding full stack developer, you should always look for training opportunities that get you started in this career. Few training opportunities are as eye-opening as developer bootcamps. If you're never been to one, preparing for a full stack developer bootcamp can be scary and intimidating. Nonetheless, that doesn't always have to be the case. Here are tops for getting up to speed if you have an upcoming full stack developer bootcamp: 


Pick the Right Bootcamp

Although full stack development is an incredible field of study, you will only learn what's relevant to your career aspirations if you pick the right bootcamp. Most students attend coding bootcamp out of a deep-seated interest in a tech career. It's best to remember that the desired learning outcomes can only get achieved if you choose a bootcamp that sets you on the right career path. 

The bootcamp under consideration should align with your career goals. For instance, if eyeing a career in software engineering, Sabio has excellent bootcamps to consider. As a budding full stack developer, you should also ensure that the bootcamp matches your educational preferences. 


If you have a busy lifestyle that bars you from attending in-person programs, an online .NET. program is an excellent option for you. Conversely, if you enjoy collaborative learning and interacting with fellow learners, you may want to choose programs dedicated to pair programming. With so many developer programs available, finding the most suitable one will help you embark on a successful coding career. 


Key questions to ask yourself as you look for a suitable coding bootcamp include:

  • Do I want to study online for the eternity of the program? 

If that's the case, find a program that offers the flexibility to learn from anywhere. That way, you won't need to relocate to participate in a full stack developer bootcamp. 


  • Where do I want to work after completing the training? 

It's advisable to attend bootcamps that align with your career goals. The training program's content should help you attain your career and personal goals for yourself. 


  • How long does training take? 

Since bootcamps tend to be intense, they shouldn't last for too long. Ideally, a bootcamp should help you gain the coding knowledge you need within the shortest time possible. 


Identify Your Goals

Full stack development is a complex field. Moreover, bootcamps are more compact and intensive than most training programs. During a bootcamp, you'll be pushed to graduate within the stipulated time, hence the need to identify your goals and define your capabilities before you sign up for a program. 


Coders participate in a full stack developer bootcamp for a reason. Therefore, you should evaluate its curriculum and teaching methods to ascertain they align with your goals. Delving into the coding bootcamp curriculum and teaching methods gives you an idea of what you'll be learning. You'll also know whether the bootcamp aligns with your schedules. 


The tech world is highly dynamic. As a full stack developer, you need to know the in-vogue coding languages to keep up with the changes. Identifying a course that nurtures a growth mindset will be crucial to your career progression. With bootcamps, it's not always about what's being taught, but why and how it's taught. It pays to find a bootcamp that employs a holistic approach and makes your transition to the coding world seamless. 


Learn Everything You Can About the Company

There are dozens of coding bootcamps out there. As such, choosing the most suitable one can be a little overwhelming. One of the best bootcamp prep strategies is learning everything about the company whose programs you intend to attend. This is an excellent way to check whether the company is a good fit. It also allows you to evaluate their teaching sites, placement rates, and everything else you need to know. 


Ideally, the bootcamp you choose to attend should fit the type of individual you are and guarantee mentorship long after the training ends. Arguably, this is among the most critical aspects of further education for full stack developers. Schools with smaller class sizes are excellent because they guarantee individual attention to each learner. 

Another quick way to evaluate your future learning environment is by attending any workshops or events they hold. Doing so allows you to speak to learners and tutors and even explore the environment if an opportunity arises. A reputable school will always be willing to provide a guided tour of their learning environment, but the same cannot be said of the disreputable ones. 


Do the Prep Work

There's no better way to gain strong foundational knowledge of the bootcamp you intend to attend than completing the prerequisite prep work. It gets you up to speed, allowing you to hit the ground running from the first day. Coding bootcamp preparatory courses come from the companies offering the training, but you can also leverage platforms such as edX and Udemy. 


Prospective students often get encouraged to complete preparatory courses before they embark on the bootcamps. Typically, the prep courses are online resources that provide a strong foundation for what's to come. Indeed, completing the prep course for an upcoming bootcamp requires extra time. Nonetheless, it goes a long way in ensuring you're fully prepared for what's to come during your intensive training sessions. 


An essential preparation for full stack developer bootcamps is mastering your typing skills. Whether you're a fast typer or not, polishing your ability comes in handy during the training sessions. Courses often entail live coding exercises in which learners are expected to type on their computers fast while listening to the instructors. For this reason, your ability to type fast and multi-task will go a long way in helping you attain the desired learning outcomes. 


Learn From Free Online Coding Sources

If the training institution provides free coding resources to help you prepare for an upcoming bootcamp, don't ignore them. If nothing is provided, researching full stack developer bootcamp will put you head and shoulders above everyone else when the program starts. Remember that the more you know, the better prepared you'll be for a bootcamp. 


There are dozens of free resources to leverage if you want to brush up on your coding expertise or get up to speed if programming is an all-new concept. Before the bootcamp starts, ensure you fully understand what programming is and choose the coding language you want to focus on. For instance, if you intend to attend a software engineering coding bootcamp, free online courses in C++, Python, and Java will help you prepare cost-free. 


Be Prepared to Learn and Interact With Classmates

Whether online or in-person, coding bootcamps are a highly immersive and collaborative affair. For this reason, you should be ready to participate in intensive learning sessions since most full-stack developer bootcamps are time-barred. If the bootcamp you choose hosts virtual lectures, don't miss any of them. Attending all sessions could make a difference between merely understanding the content and really absorbing it. 



While attending the training programs, it's easy to zone out because there won't be anyone to keep you accountable. If the sessions are virtual, keeping your camera on will go a long way in ensuring you remain accountable and absorb all the material. If the bootcamp offers in-person training sessions, attending each of them is helpful. 


Interactions with your coursemates could be your most significant asset during a full stack developer bootcamp. Few things are more boring than studying coding alone. Having classmates by your side makes the entire experience more fun and immersive. In your regular circle, no one probably knows about programming, and the chances are they won't have an idea why you've decided to participate in a bootcamp. 


On the other hand, your coursemates have similar aspirations as yours because they understand why you signed up for the bootcamp in the first place. Therefore, they can be the support system you need to ace your courses. Collaborating with them strengthens your understanding of various aspects of coding. During the bootcamp, they can also keep you on track and motivated. After graduating, they are the right resource people when looking for jobs related to your qualifications. 


Key Takeaways


In the days preceding a full stack developer bootcamp, you might feel overwhelmed and lost, especially if you're a first-timer. You may wonder whether you're smart or strong enough to handle the intensive training sessions typical of a bootcamp. Everyone experiences this, including professional coders. Nonetheless, preparing for the bootcamp early goes a long way in making your work much easier come d-day. 


If you're looking for a coding bootcamp that helps you launch your tech career stress-free, Sabio is just what you need. Voted by Course Report as the best coding bootcamp for five years in a row, Sabio provides the exceptional training you need to become a proficient developer. 


Thanks to the comprehensive curriculum, tailor-made training sessions, and active global network of alumni, mentors, and developers, Sabio offers all you need to embark on a successful coding career. Schedule a meeting today to launch your coding career. 


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