In-demand Skills that will Help You Land a Tech Job in 2023

Software developers are in greater demand than ever before, and there are some steps a young person can take to navigate their future career, says Emmanuel Madzunye, a senior software development lecturer at redAcademy.


“The rise of remote working, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and cloud computing means that software developers are, and will continue to be, at the coalface of the fourth industrial revolution,” said Madzunye.


To best differentiate oneself and stand out among other people with similar qualifications, people should adopt the following skills for the tech industry next year:

  • Develop a strong understanding of the tech industry and coding languages.

It is crucial to know what is happening in terms of the latest technology to keep up to speed in the industry.


  • Have a deep passion for computers and technology and be willing to read and write lots of code. 

Despite some languages being more important than others, redAcademy recommends that developers understand:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python


“It is critical for young developers to incorporate these languages with the latest technologies and industry frameworks; examples include Docker, React.js, Node.js, GitHub, and Microsoft Azure, among others,” said Madzunye.

  • Adaptability

Developers are comfortable with change and willing to adapt to ever-changing technology.Someone who started their careers in technology 20 or 30 years ago are almost certainly doing things vastly different from how they were taught.Not being able to do so could lead to you becoming redundant.


  • Continuous learning

A modern software developer must be continuously learning.The ability to research, analyze and implement is crucial. Young people should ensure that their places of learning emphasize research and problem-solving.Programs and platforms being developed today are leaps and bounds ahead of legacy systems less than 10 years old.


  • Developing soft skills

Soft skills include but are not limited to; communication and interpersonal skills. Soft skills build strong team relationships, which, in turn, foster higher productivity, creativity and collaboration.


  • The ability to receive and act on constructive feedback.

 The  point of learning is to become better at something, and an inability to invite feedback, both good and bad, from peers and managers will hold a software developer back.


  • Spend time in a real-world development team.

Young developers who cut their teeth inside real teams, working on real projects for real customers, will have a step up over their peers.  This is because they will be more attractive to potential employers as they don’t need to be taught workplace basics from the beginning and can hit the ground running.

Key workplace readiness skills include:

  • Having individual accountability
  • Working within a team
  • Being able to meet deadlines and manage time
  • Being able to start and continue work without supervision.
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