Is Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

Have you ever wanted to break into a tech career but weren't sure how to get started? A four-year tech degree is a great way to gain a broad skill set that may help further your progress, but without a specialized concentration, you may not have a distinct advantage over your competition. Coding bootcamps are a faster, more intensive way to gain the specific skills needed to get into many tech jobs. In this article, we'll talk about whether coding bootcamps are still relevant and how to decide whether they're the right choice for you.

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Are Coding Bootcamps Still a Viable Option?

Coding bootcamps exploded onto the technical school scene nearly ten years ago. With coding being an increasingly marketable skill, thousands of students quickly enrolled. Since years have passed since then, it makes sense to reevaluate whether this is still the best move for you. 

While it's true that the buzz surrounding coding bootcamp may have faded a bit, it doesn't mean that those who complete these coding courses aren't just as marketable. There is still a need for employees who possess the skills learned in coding bootcamps, provided that you research and choose the school that's right for you.  

So yes, coding bootcamps are absolutely a viable option if you enroll in a high-quality program. Before you register, make sure that you research the following:

  • The company's reputation
  • Post-graduate hiring rate
  • Quality of the courses

Also, keep in mind that your chance of success depends on you as well. If you are motivated, committed, and have the necessary time to devote to learning, you will be successful, and this will increase your chances of finding your dream job once you graduate. 

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A Few Signs That You Should Attend a Bootcamp

Deciding to attend a coding bootcamp can indeed be a risky move for some people. Not everyone is able to submerge themselves into a time-consuming learning experience. But what if it's totally worth it? Here are several ways to tell that this may be the right move:

Tech Is Your Passion

Sometimes the fact that you're passionate about something might be the push you need to commit. Have you always wanted to get into a tech career but never knew how to get started? Have you been searching for a way to break into the field without having to spend a fortune and several years to do it?

If this sounds like you, then coding bootcamp is the perfect opportunity for you to jumpstart your tech career. Not many fields have such a convenient way to learn the skills you need in a fraction of the time you may have spent choosing a different path. 

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Feeling Stuck in Your Current Career

One of the most frustrating feelings to have about a job is that you're trapped in a career you don't want to be in anymore. Plenty of people go to college or have climbed the ladder in their current field just to realize that it's not their dream job. The problem here is that there usually isn't a good way to solve the problem. 

Many people who feel stuck and are longing for change don't end up doing anything about it. This can lead to sadness and frustration and can really affect your overall quality of life. But coding bootcamp gives you the chance to explore new avenues and try something completely different. One of the best parts is that you don't have to commit to a specific job to start your journey.

When you go through coding bootcamp, you will have many different career choices to check out, from web development to designing or software engineering. You'll have the freedom to browse the job market and choose the job that works best for you, instead of being limited to one or two jobs that you have the skills for. 

DIY Learning Is Not Working Out

Teaching yourself programming is a great way to break into the field and start your education. Today there are many apps and free curriculum you can choose from to get a broad overview of what's out there and help you decide whether you're interested in pursuing a career.  

But the reality of the situation is that when it comes to training for a career, often it's necessary to get it from a professional source. Because while there are many things that you can learn on your own, nothing beats having an expert tell you precisely what you'll need to launch a successful career.  

Also, you may feel as though you're ready to jump into a job in the tech industry after teaching yourself, but you won't have any hard proof that you're marketable to potential employers. Many hiring managers look for reputable professional training on prospective employee resumes. Having a coding bootcamp degree under your belt shows employers that you have the necessary training to transition to the professional world. 

Want to Break Through as a Female Developer

Are you a woman who has been thinking about getting into a tech career? According to the United States Census Bureau, women make up just under half of the total workforce in the country. But compared to men, they only represent 27% of all STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering, and math). While this number has increased from 8% since 1970, there is still progress to be made.

STEM jobs are essential in cementing America's role in global innovations in technology. If you're a woman and you're thinking about a tech career, know that you will be part of a trailblazing group of women who are fighting for representation in a male-dominated career field. Having both men and women equally represented in STEM careers is important both for the future of our country and the world in general. 

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Ready To Be a Part of a Bustling Industry

It's no secret that technology careers are the way of the future. The pandemic, in particular, has forced many industries to expand their digital and remote capabilities exponentially. Our digital job industry today is booming and shows no signs of stopping. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that web developing jobs are on the rise and expected to increase by 27% by 2024. This is a dramatic spike to occur in just a few years. 

Learning programming is one of the best career moves that you can make for yourself today. It gives you the chance to be part of a highly marketable group of workers in one of the fastest-growing industries out there. Whether you're interested in being a web developer, product manager, or software engineer, attending a coding bootcamp will give you the knowledge you need to get into a lucrative career. 

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Need To Enhance Your Current Skills or Degree

If you currently have a tech-related degree like computer science, etc., you might be interested in looking for some type of programming-related job. While such a degree is a wonderful start, many employers are looking for more specific knowledge. 

Coding bootcamp will hone the knowledge you already have and turn it into real-life practical training that makes sense for the job you're seeking. Companies that are looking for web developers, for example, may choose someone who has a specialized coding degree over another that has a much broader degree. 

Have an Interest in the Website Development

Coding is an extremely useful thing to learn if you're interested in creating websites. There is a huge demand for experts who can build websites today. 

With the way the tech industry is expanding, more companies realize that they need to provide their consumers with a more sophisticated online experience. Consumers in many markets are shifting their priorities, too. Many shoppers, for example, want to do their browsing online before they enter a store. 

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This shift in customer needs is leading businesses to revamp or totally overhaul their websites and make them more complex. While they may have been able to do this themselves with a simpler website, expanding their online presence often requires the help of an expert. 

Even if you don't want to create websites for a living, it's still an extremely useful skill to have in any tech career. Plus, the demand for freelancers who build websites for businesses is ever-expanding. Coding bootcamp will help you decide whether website development is something you want to pursue professionally, or even as a side gig.

Want To Create an App But Need Technical Skills

Have you ever wanted to create your own app but aren't sure how to get started? Coding bootcamp will give you the lucrative skill set that is needed to create apps and websites, so you can bring your million-dollar ideas to life. 

Even if you don't have a specific idea in mind, learning about the increasing capabilities of modern apps could spark some major inspiration. Many students go into coding bootcamp not knowing what to expect and then discover their dream job in the process. 

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Your Employers Wants To Build Your Skills

Are you already working in the tech industry but are eager to learn more skills? Or would your boss love for you to expand your coding knowledge so you can apply your new training on the job? Coding bootcamp might be the perfect solution that would benefit your personal development as well as your current company.

Your current job may even be willing to contribute to your tuition for coding bootcamp if it means you'll have skills that will benefit the company. Many businesses today are realizing that web developers are a valuable asset to have and might be more than willing to help you gain those skills. Coding bootcamp might sound more appealing to your employer than a 4-year degree, too, since you'll finish your training more quickly. 

Final Word 

If any of those signs rang true for you, it's time to seriously consider a Sabio Coding Bootcamp. Sabio offers free info sessions that will tell you all you need to know about the experience and answer all of your questions. We also offer a four-week free PreWork program that gives you an introduction to the skills that you will need to complete a coding bootcamp. 

Ready to finally launch your tech career? Apply today! 

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