Los Angeles Full Stack Developer Coding Boot camp Curriculum

Los Angeles is a vibrant, sunny hub of technology and fashion. Working there is more than possible when you attend our full stack developer coding boot camp.


It’s no secret the STEM field is in high demand. Unfortunately, many people are unsure whether to pursue technology as a career choice due to rising tuition costs and perceived difficulty. We’re proud to offer a competitive full stack developer coding boot camp designed with beginners in mind. 

What are the benefits of attending a coding boot camp in Los Angeles? Our guide will break down what to expect when you take the plunge.

Why Attend Coding Boot Camp in Los Angeles?

What makes Los Angeles such a competitive location for STEM jobs? This fact could have something to do with the city's high concentration of major tech and media businesses.


Tech Companies and Job Opportunities

Do you want to become an incredible web designer to push your technical limits? How about flexing your communication muscles in a social media marketing gig?

There are many tech companies in Los Angeles just waiting for your application. Some of the major brands who could be your potential employers are:

  • Snap Inc.
  • Disney Interactive
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Hulu

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The Lifestyle

The Los Angeles lifestyle is fast-paced, ambitious, and incredibly rewarding. While the culture shock may be more significant if you’re from a small town, we have no doubt you’ll love the benefits of studying in this city.

A few of the perks of the Los Angeles lifestyle include:

  • Delicious food scene
  • Close proximity to theaters, galleries, and concerts
  • Year-round sunny weather

We want to encourage today’s best and brightest to achieve their career goals. We offer in-person classes and free online courses to sharpen your tech skills.


Why Attend Sabio’s Coding Boot Camp in Los Angeles?

The traditional four-year degree has been losing favor for several years. Between the high tuition costs and lengthy time frames, more people today seek educational alternatives.

We explicitly designed our coding boot camp to be beginner-friendly and budget-friendly. Our coding boot camp runs full-time for twelve weeks and is staffed with a senior team of technical instructors. Before you start the boot camp, you’ll go through several weeks of pre-work to hit the ground running. 

With a streamlined teaching approach, you’ll be equipped with practical skills to enter a competitive job market.

The Campus Perks

We firmly believe that you do your best work when your environment accommodates you every step of the way. Our campus is just minutes away from Silicon Beach, boasting proximity to tech giants like Google and Hulu.

Alongside computer science fundamentals, our full-time programs offer free gym membership to ensure your body is as fit as your mind!


The Payment Options

Not sure if you’ll be able to pay for your time at the coding boot camp? We offer deferred payment options to ensure you’re financially supported.

We’re committed to bridging the diversity gap in STEM and highly encourage veterans and/or women to apply.

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The Instructors

Our instructors boast a collective one hundred years of professional experience in the software development field. 

When you sign up for coding boot camp you’ll get to know Hector Arias, one of our lead instructors. Get a taste of what we have to offer with our free coding courses.


Sabio’s LA Coding Boot Camp Curriculum

Our boot camp curriculum boasts state-approved courses designed to get you learning key skills as fast as possible. We prioritize both hard skills and soft skills to keep your growth well-rounded.


Front-End Development

Our front-end development course provides technical skills for cross-browser applications. With this program, you’ll be able to handle both desktop and mobile clients in your new career field.

You’ll learn the following languages with the front-end development program:

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • ReactJS
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • Asynchronous client-side programming


Back-End Development

This program’s broad approach gives you the tools needed to understand programming on a deeper level.

Below are just some of the tools you’ll learn during our back-end development course:

  • Basic caching strategies
  • ASP.Net/.Net Core
  • RESTFUL Architectures
  • Principles of Object-Oriented Design
  • Architectural Patterns


Database Development

Not only do you learn how to code with our boot camp program, you also learn how to store data efficiently.

Our database development program has the following:

  • Stored procedures
  • Database design and architecture
  • Query structure and optimization
  • Key table design considerations


Source Control

Last but not least, we provide you with the means of implementing source control solutions.

Expect to learn the following during our boot camp:

  • Merging conflicts
  • Checking in-new code
  • Shelving or submitting pull requests


Development Environments, Platforms, Back-End Languages, and Tools

We ensure you know everything necessary for a successful career in tech development. 

Some of the lessons you’ll learn in our development environments, platforms, back-end languages, and tools are: 

  • Debugging
  • Package Managers: Yarn and NPM
  • Visual studio 2019
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • .Net/C# / .Net Core

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You don’t need to commit to a four-year degree to enjoy a competitive, high-paying career in tech. Our Los Angeles full stack developer coding boot camp is ready to meet you halfway.

Our campus is located in a convenient location between several of today’s leading tech giants. We offer perks like free gym membership to ensure you’re always feeling your best. With a collective knowledge base of one hundred years, you’ll leave our boot camp ready to take on the world.


Curious to know more about our Los Angeles coding boot camp curriculum? Contact us today for an info session on our payment plans, courses, and scheduling.


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