Most Diverse Coding Bootcamps

It’s no secret that the tech sector is lacking diversity. Fewer than 5 percent of employees identify as Black or Latino at top tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Every industry has barriers and misconceptions that might keep people from exploring them. Sometimes these barriers are financial, sometimes it is the education level needed, and unfortunately, it is often the lack of visiual representation in the industry. Naturally, humans will stray away from environments that lack those that look like us.  

Coding bootcamps are generally accessible to varying levels of experience and are much more affordable compared to four-year institutions, enabling a higher percentage of underrepresented communities to enroll. On top of that, more and more coding bootcamps offer programs and scholarships specifically to support and uplift underrepresented groups. 

Why is Diversity in Tech Important? 

When a company has a diverse workforce, they can understand their audience better. In this day and age, there are higher expectations for products and services to meet customer’s specific and diverse needs and preferences. This is also true for the employees of said companies.  

Also, the world itself is overflowing with people from all walks of life. Without diversity in tech, our digital-based world would not be able to tap into the full range and richness of that  diversity.  

Below is a list of the most diverse coding bootcamps in 2022!  



Sabio, a premier software development bootcamp, was founded  to bridge the diversity gap by creating a training program that catered towards diverse populations. Sabio has contributed to increasing in tech by: 

•Having founders and instructors that are people from underrepresented groups which offers great encouragement and it makes people from minority groups feel comfortable. 

•Students are taught how to understand job offers, how to apply for them and how to go through the interview process. 

•Being fully aware of how finances are a deterrent to minority groups joining tech, they have a deferred payment plan where students can pay for the program after they’ve done the course and gotten a job. There’s also a women in tech Scholarship fund that supports women who want to code but don’t have laptops or need tuition or living expenses assistance. 

•Offering financial support to Military Veterans and also financial assistant programs geared specifically to Women Veterans in tech. 

•Hosting Women Code. These are meetups where women are mentored by industry experts and get to learn code.  

Hackbright Academy  

This Bay Area bootcamp was specifically created to empower women in the tech industry by providing all-women classes in a supportive atmosphere both in-person and online. They put a strong focus on not only teaching their students coding skills, but also assisting them with the hiring process. Since they started in 2012 they’ve had over 800 women graduate and find positions at companies like Amazon, Reddit, Slack, Uber, and more.  

General Assembly 

This powerhouse tech training school started an “Opportunity Fund” in 2014 to provide scholarships to underrepresented talent through the help of sponsors. These bootcamps are readily accessible with 20 campuses across six countries, courses available online, and part-time options. Through their social impact objectives and different financing options, General Assembly aims to provide a program for anyone who wants to learn to code whether they can afford it yet or not.  

Girl Develop It  

With over 60 chapters across the country this nonprofit offers in-person classes for women in a judgment-free environment. Their goal is to make sure women of all races, income, and education levels can have the opportunity to learn web development without feeling intimidated. They offer free casual events like “Code & Coffee” at their NYC chapter or an “Intro to R” class for only $50, with scholarships available if students are unable to front the cost of the class.  

Alchemy Code Lab 

Alchemy aims to make the tech industry more accessible by offering a number of scholarships for specific underrepresented groups. By partnering with Women Who Code, Lesbians Who Tech, and HispanicPros, as well as offering their own in-house scholarship, Alchemy creates opportunity for everyone.  


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