Non-traditional and Unique Jobs in Tech


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a common question asked to kids all across the globe. Ask a kid this question 20 years ago and he or she might answer with; a doctor, lawyer, police officer, model, or even a rock star. These days, some of the answers might surprise you—and possibly even confuse you as to what those jobs actually entail.

As technology companies around the world strive to offer dynamic products and services, they need employees who can help with that.

This is often done in jobs that were not in existence just five years ago. Most of us already know about common tech-based jobs such as support, programming and administration. There has been an increase in the amount of unique lines of work within the tech field appearing recently.


Below are some of the top uncommon tech jobs that you probably didn't know about! 


  • Ethical Hacker 
      • When many people think of hackers, there is a negative connotation. Many companies deal with customer’s personal data and there are many identity thieves out there who would do anything to obtain that information. By proactively detecting flaws, you help protect your company from the “bad hackers” bent on stealing information or hijacking your systems. You’re one of the front-line fighters in the battle for cyber security.
  • UX Designer 
    • A bad website can turn potential customers away. It is important to always make sure that an organization’s website is easy to function and navigate for those who visit it because trying to navigate a clunky website can be insanely frustrating. That’s where a user experience (UX) designer can come to the rescue. In your capable hands, websites become more useful, usable and intuitive for every user.
  • Robotics Engineer 


    • Imagine getting to design a robot to explore the depths of the ocean, creating a faster mechanical arm to manufacture cars or engineering a tiny part of an animatronic dinosaur for an amusement park. As a robotics engineer, you get to work with some of the world’s coolest technology.
  • Meme Agent 
      • Social Media runs the lives of many in this day and age. Lil Bub. PSY. Grumpy Cat. The Internet has become a breeding ground for overnight sensations. Many of whom have gone on to score major endorsement deals, television specials, book series and beyond. Like any major stars, these rags-to-riches celebrities need a knowledgeable business manager to help parlay their instantaneous success into something that lasts well beyond 15 minutes.
  • Crowdfunding Specialist 
      • In 2013, three million regular Joes and Janes funded $481,788,567 on Kickstarter alone. For many of them, it was a bit of a lark. But that sum was large enough to get a lot of well-known companies and individuals to pay more attention to crowdfunding as a real way to raise money.  For crowdfunding newcomers, enlisting the services of an expert in the field—who can help prepare an individual or company for success from the get-go—is becoming even more essential.
  • Racecar Control Systems Engineer 
      • There's no denying that the world’s greatest race car drivers have an innate ability that helps them to become one with their machines. But there’s also a gaggle of tech types behind the scenes—better known as control system engineers—who ensure that these high-tech rides are operating at maximum capacity. As the drivers race, these engineers are stationed nearby and analyze all of the car’s data at a fast speed to help their drivers be the first to cross the line.
  • Computational Linguist
    • There is a group of skilled computer programmers who specialize in the space where human intelligence and artificial intelligence combine. Known as computational linguists, these are the people who build the programs that allow programs such as Alexa and Siri to occasionally crack a funny joke when you ask a silly question. 


Whether you're helping design video games for studios or developing influential products for businesses, there are many roles for aspiring creators in the technological industry.These are just some of the many exciting new tech careers that are popping up.Be sure to take a look at which career path seems the most relevant to your current skills and preferences.


Then, it all comes down to doing your homework and showing that you’re the one to be hired. Good luck out there! 



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