Online Coding Bootcamps: What You Should Know!

Learning code can be challenging but Bootcamps can help

A four-year institution isn't always a practical route to learning the skills necessary to compete in the tech world. Fortunately, Coding Bootcamps offer courses that can teach you everything you need to know. Often these programs can be far more immersive in job-related skills than a four-year degree. But not every Bootcamp is the same, and each provides varying topics and programs to consider. What are the essential facts to know about coding Bootcamps? Read on to learn everything to keep in mind when choosing a Bootcamp for your coding education.

7 Topics You Can Learn At Bootcamp

Coding requires knowledge of different systems, frameworks, and computer languages. Not every Bootcamp offers every coding option. Here, though, is a list of the standard basics taught at most Coding Bootcamps.

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Otherwise known as Cascading Style Sheets, CSS is the code that translates the style of web content, including fonts, colors, and layout. It allows for content adaptation to varying devices like cell phones, laptops, and desktop computers.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the foundation of web design. HTML coding creates the base structure of a web page and its content. It's an essential skill to find in the arsenal of any coder.


JavaScript creates interactive elements that can be more engaging for users. It is a text-based programming language that allows for dynamic web design. Whereas HTML and CSS dictate style and form, JavaScripts empowers content that captures users' attention in interactive ways.


TDD stands for Test Driven Development, and it refers to a software development method in which trial and error dictate coding requirements. In TDD, the coder designs and deploys tests to validate the existing code. Writing new function code only occurs when one of the tests fails. 


jQuery is a library of pre-written JavaScript code that developers may use in their code to expedite the coding process. jQuery code helps coders create standard user interfaces already compatible with browser capabilities. 

Ruby on Rails Framework

A framework is the programming or code library that writes most of your application, leaving the coder only responsible for writing code that carries out the specific tasks needed. Ruby on Rails is a model-view-controller (MVC) that provides default structures for websites and databases.

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20 Important Things To Know About Coding Bootcamps

A woman surrounded by binary language stares ahead

There's a lot to know about Coding Bootcamps, and if you're starting your pursuit of a tech career, there's a lot to consider when choosing the best program to attend. Whether looking for additional skills to earn a promotion or seeking a complete career change, the following information about Coding Bootcamps will come in handy when deciding whether or not to enroll.

Pricing Schemes Can Vary

Be sure to compare pricing plans between Bootcamps. Some allow you to pay less upfront but then hold a stake in future income, and others offer payment plans with differing terms. Make sure to choose the pricing option that best fits your budget needs.

Location Is Not A Barrier To Attending

Bootcamps offer a wide array of online learning models, meaning that where you live doesn't affect your attendance. You can study from home, work, or at the local coffee shop if you want.

Most Coding Bootcamps Offer Peer Groups

Teaching yourself coding can be a tempting prospect, but it also takes a lot more time while restricting the accessibility to peers. Coding Bootcamps are a great way to learn in a structured way and have fellow students to network with.

Not All Coding Bootcamps Use The Same Teaching Models

Some Bootcamps allow you to learn at your own pace; others require strict adherence to set deadlines. Research expectations and make sure you pick a Bootcamp that fits your needs

You Can Keep Your Job While Attending Coding Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamps are great ways to maintain employment while learning new skills. Going back to college to earn a new degree could be counterproductive to your goals if you have financial obligations requiring you to work.

Coding Bootcamps Are A Growing Industry

Coding Bootcamps become more popular every year. Employers see them as training focused directly on the skills they're looking for, and students find them a cost-effective alternative to returning to a four-year institution.

Online Programs Aren't For Everyone

Some students prefer learning online; others need face-to-face interaction to perform their best. Fortunately, there are coding Bootcamps for both preferences. Make sure to choose the one where you can excel.

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Many Bootcamps Do Not Offer Job Placement Services

Bootcamps don't always have the career placement services infrastructure that four-year institutions do. Keep that in mind when choosing which Bootcamp to attend.

Specific Course Subjects Can Be Explored More In-Depth

Unlike many colleges and universities that offer general overviews of subject matter, Bootcamps offer skills-specific courses. Studying individual subjects in-depth can strengthen your knowledge and proficiency in sought-after coding skills, making you a valuable asset.

The Coding Process You Develop At Bootcamp Can Translate To The Workplace

Often when students learn a skill, it doesn't always translate to the real-world work environment. With Coding Bootcamps, however, the coding processes you form during the course of your studies directly relate to the methods you'll deploy on the job. Be sure to be mindful of the habits you form at Bootcamp, so they serve you best in the professional arena.

Good Coding Bootcamps Are Not Easy Endeavors

Coding Bootcamps can be challenging undertakings. If Bootcamps were easy, everyone would be taking them. Be sure to dedicate the necessary time and energy required to do your best. Be patient with yourself and take the time to do it right.

Online Coding Bootcamps Are Typically More Affordable

Degree programs can be expensive. Online Coding Bootcamps usually offer a cost-friendly alternative to learning valuable trade skills. Work within your budget constraints to find a cost-effective program that fits you best.

Skills Obtained Is More Important To Employers Than Location Learned

Employers are much more interested in what you know than how you learned it. Bootcamps provide an immersive experience with students graduating just as prepared for the tech sector as their private college counterparts. Experiment with coding at home, too, and create a portfolio of your varied projects. Prospective employers will want to see samples of your work.

Online Bootcamps Offer Different Reimbursement Options For Withdrawing Than In-Person Programs

Read the fine print on program reimbursements and drop dates. In-Person and online programs can differ vastly in financial refund policies, so do your research to avoid surprises. 

Depth Of Experience Among Your Teachers May Vary Significantly

When selecting courses and programs to enroll in, research your educators. Some teachers may not have the experience level you're looking for. Are their skills purely academic? Or do they have extensive knowledge of the industry? Quality of education is crucial to consider when researching potential Bootcamps.

Check Whether Your Bootcamp Teaches Data Structures -- Some Do Not

Data structures are an essential part of the coding sector, but not all Bootcamps teach them. Figure out what skillsets you must learn and if they're not offered at a Bootcamp, move on to the next. Don't register for a program that doesn't have what you need.

Group Project Requirements Vary Depending On Coding Bootcamp Chosen

Some Coding Bootcamps require several group projects; others require none. Only you can decide what's best for you. Are you good with teams, or do you work better alone? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will go a long way to optimizing your Bootcamp experience.

Online Coding Bootcamp Prepares You Well For Remote Work Experience

Online education options at Coding Bootcamps are pretty similar to what it's like coding from home for a living. Consider it a testing ground for the working environment you'd prefer -- in-person or remote. Self-motivation is crucial and can play an important factor in determining your success working from home.

There Are Fewer Opportunity Costs Associated With Online Coding Bootcamps

One of the highest costs of in-person coding training is the loss of salary between jobs if you have to take time off to attend courses. Online learning curtails opportunity costs and allows you to study while still at your old job, minimizing income gaps.

Admissions Requirements May Vary: Some Programs Have 100% Acceptance Rates

Inquire about admissions rates and determine if anyone can do your program or if you have to be vetted through an application process first. The students who get in become your peer group, so it's essential to know if you'll be studying alongside others who researched before deciding to go on this educational journey versus others who may think it's cool. 

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6 Tips For Deciding If Coding Bootcamps Are Worth It

You've looked into different programs. You know you want to make a change, but you're not sure the best route to take to achieve your goals. Bootcamps can be a great choice, but you want to make sure it's worth the investment. Here are six key ways to decide for yourself.

Research Your Bootcamp

Take the time to investigate your Bootcamp options. The quality of teachers available is essential, as is the quality of fellow students. Make sure the Bootcamp you choose has the programs you want to study and teaches the material in a way that fits your learning needs. Consider if you'll require career services or if mentors and peer options exist to aid your transition from learner to worker.

A man types code into his computer

Sample A Free Class Or Two

If you're unsure about a certain Bootcamp or subject area, most Bootcamps offer a variety of free courses to dip your toe into. Take one or two to see if the school -- and the material -- is right for you. Free classes can give you overviews of subject matter you want to pursue deeper or steer you away from areas you'd prefer not to wade. Consider it the school's audition, and if you like what you see and do, you may be in the right place.

Make Sure It Works Within Your Schedule

Time management is critical. If you're going to be working and navigating personal commitments while attending a Bootcamp, make sure you've got the time to set aside only for your new studies. Block out space to attend classes, implement new skills, build a portfolio of work, and study your coursework. Feeling overwhelmed because you don't have the proper amount of time to dedicate to the Bootcamp could affect your performance.

Make Sure It Works Within Your Budget

Don't overextend yourself. Find the options that fit your financial needs best. The cost of a coding Bootcamp program does not necessarily translate to the quality of education so look for options that work for your budget and comfort level.

Investigate Coding Bootcamp's Career Services Offerings

The goal when you're finished with Bootcamp is to find a job in your new field. So, having a Career Services department to turn to can be helpful in your journey. Investigate what Bootcamps offer Career assistance after program completion.

Remember That Learning Coding Is A Continuous Endeavor Because of Changing Technologies

What you learn today could be obsolete in two years. When pursuing a career in coding, be prepared to learn new things constantly. As tech advances, so do the skills required to work in the field. Stay abreast of changing trends so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Enroll Today!

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A Lot To Learn

In the end, there's a lot to learn about Coding Bootcamps and which one you may want to attend. The vital factor is to research as diligently as possible to make the best-informed decision available to you. Consider costs, quality of education, time commitments, learning models, and courses offered before making your decision. And don't forget, free courses are a great way to see if a particular Bootcamp is the right fit for you. Free classes can expose you to the teaching model utilized by the school and give you a basic understanding of concepts you'll explore further at Bootcamp.


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