Sabio Coding Bootcamp Celebrates Vet Tec Funding Increase for Veterans

Sabio is committed to supporting veterans across the nation by offering our training and skills through Vet Tec. Our goal is to help those who have served further their careers and double their salary with our certified 80% job placement rate. 


We were so thrilled when we learned that through the new legislation, Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022, that funding for the VET TEC program has increased from $45 million to $125 million for the 2022 fiscal year. This significant increase in funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will allow schools like Sabio to provide veterans and transitioning service members an opportunity to gain high-tech skills sought by today’s top employers in an ever expanding market.


Vet Tec is a tuition and housing assistance program with the Veterans Administration focused on advancing the IT careers of veterans. At Sabio, Vet Tec provides full stack web development training, and offers students the skills sought by employers, including education in  in-demand programming languages C# and .NET. 


A unique offering, Sabio’s Vet Tec training is offered both on campus, and remote. Students of this program receive the same acclaimed experience as if they were attending our school via scholarship, GI Bill, or self-funding. The added bonus of Vet Tec is that it offers a housing allowance of up to $3,300 a month, ($900 a month for remote). Furthermore, Sabio allows students to work on a real-world project while training; an experience which provides both relevant skills, and actual experience to add to  a resume.

To put it simply, in just 17-weeks, this offering allows veterans to learn the coveted coding skills needed to land a high-paying and in-demand tech job, while the VA covers both tuition, and housing expenses. Living in California is not a requirement for those wishing to enroll in this program online, as they can complete coursework  from the comfort of home by  using Zoom, Slack and all our other free apps. 


Signing up is easy! Click here to find out more. 


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