Sabio's Newest Staff Member: Career Counselor & Tech Recruiter Janessa Harris

“I fell in love with Sabio because it's not just a bootcamp, they really care about their students and alumni. I really wanted to bring in my knowledge as a tech recruiter so I can help the alumni obtain positions and contribute to the Sabio mission.”

Sabio is proud to welcome our newest staff member:  career counselor & tech recruiter Janessa Harris. 


S: We’re so happy to have you! Please tell us a little about yourself and your origin story. 


J: My name is Janessa Harris and I'm originally from Johnstown Pennsylvania. Right after high school I joined the army, I was in counterintelligence/interrogations and screenings overseas, and I did that for four years. After that, I went on to work with L3 Harris as a tech recruiter which taught me a lot about the tech industry, what they’re looking for and how to seek out the best employees. Following that,  I worked for myself for almost six years as a freelance project manager while I had my daughter. One day recently, I joined Linkedin and Liliana Monge (Sabio’s Co-Founder & CEO,) and I got connected somehow, it was kind of kismet. She called me and we had a great conversation and right away I just got this great vibe about Sabio. Liliana asked if I would meet with Nancy for a second interview, I said yes and now here I am, the power of linkedin!

S: For those who don’t know, tell us about your new role at Sabio.


J:  I have two job titles, I'm a career counselor and a tech recruiter. I really wanted to bring in my knowledge as a tech recruiter so I can help Sabio alumni obtain positions through optimizing their linkedin, making sure their resume looks good, and also their interviewing skills because I've done so many screenings and probably hundreds at this point. I helped the alumn’s by doing one on one video chats, mock interviews, and just being a person to bounce ideas off of. Through this process we can help mold their answers so when a recruiter asks them a certain question, the alumni can just answer off the bat and they don't have to think about it. It really helps build their confidence too.

S: You said you liked Sabio’s energy, can you tell us more about that?


J: I fell in love with Sabio because it's not just a bootcamp where you go through it and they just hand you a certificate and say good luck. In addition to teaching you how to code, Sabio walks you through the process of getting a job which is a crucial step in this journey. Starting about two weeks out from when you graduate all the students are sent to myself or Nancy. We'll work with them on their resumes and their interviewing skills. Whatsmore is that when you’re an alumni, you have access to Sabio’s resources forever. Being here is just an amazing experience. I feel like I've been building really good relationships with the alumni as I coach them through this important step. Even this past week we had quite a few people get offers which was really exciting. I always do a little happy dance for them when they get a job, because their lives are like completely changed after this coding boot camp and I just think it's amazing.


S: What type of salaries are you seeing Sabio alumni get?


J: It depends on if they graduate with just front end or full stack software engineering, so the salary will fluctuate. I've been seeing anywhere from 75k-107k right out of the bootcamp so that's pretty incredible.


S: Tell us more about the process of when a student comes to meet with you for the first time.


J: About two weeks out from when they graduate, they will start working with us crafting their resumes. They have to go through three phases of that to make sure the product is professional and satisfactory and a recruiter is actually going to stop, look at the resume and listen to what they're saying. We will also work with them on their interview skills, their screening skills, their confidence, sometimes they have a bit of a confidence issue because they feel like they don't deserve a big salary right after this bootcamp. But I try to put their mind at ease, let them know that they've basically done two years of work in just four months. I mean Sabio is a very intense boot camp and they deserve every single bit of the rewards for going here. Sabio has a great team of instructors, career counselors, tech recruiters, Liliana is amazing, everybody really makes sure that  the alumni are well taken care of. That’s whY i love Sabio.


S: We’re obviously biased, but for a prospective student, why would you recommend Sabio over other bootcamps? 


J: First of all, joining a coding bootcamp is immensely better than trying to learn on your own on youtube, right? But if you're going to choose any bootcamp, Sabio is definitely the way to go because they take care of you from beginning to end and beyond. Through this, they make sure that you land the role that you deserve after graduating. Sabio had a formula that has worked time and time again and I'm seeing the proof in the offer letters, they just make sure you're taken care of and that you actually get the position instead of just giving you a certificate. Even though I just started recently,  I already really enjoy working here and I can see myself here for a very long time. I really love the mission, I love that I get to support and help my fellow veterans and help the students transition into this new and fruitful phase of their lives. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.


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