Tech Companies- Jobs for Veterans Now!

Many people are unaware that the military is at the forefront of the technology movement. Aside from the life experiences you gain during your service, you also have the opportunity to gain some incredible technological skills that will pay off for you in your civilian career. 

Veterans possess a high degree of grit and know how to complete a mission with few resources and a lot of sweat. This is the reason that many tech employers are actively recruiting military veterans. They recognize that vets know how to get the job done with a high degree of precision and professionalism. 

Below are the top tech companies constantly hiring veterans to fill many different roles! 

  • Amazon 
    • On the Amazon Web Services (AWS) website, the tech giant pledged to hire 25,000 military veterans and spouses by 2021. And for veterans with little to no experience in tech, Amazon has offered to provide training and certification to 10,000 active-duty service members, veterans and spouses through its AWS Educate program. AWS doesn't require you to have any previous knowledge or education in cloud services.


  • Google 
    • Google announced new programs and services that promise to help military veterans and their families find a home at the tech giant. It kick-started a "Help a Hero Get Hired" program, which, according to its website, is "a nationwide annual event and connects military veterans in transition with Googler mentors in partnership with Student Veterans of America and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. 
  • Microsoft 
    • Microsoft was one of the first companies to offer free training services for military veterans and their families. According to its website, the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) "provides the veteran community with critical career skills required for today's growing technology industry." In addition to MSSA, Microsoft also provides training to military spouses through its Military Spouse Technology Academy
  • Cisco 
    • According to its website, the Cisco Networking Academy has helped more than 87,000 military personnel on 31 installations advance their tech skills and help them find rewarding careers. Most recently, Cisco created the Cisco Talent Bridge, which connects qualified veterans with Cisco channel partners worldwide.


  • GoDaddy 
    • Founded by Vietnam veteran Bob Parsons, GoDaddy is another company with a solid reputation for hiring military veterans. According to its website, in addition to military veteran hiring preferences and resources, GoDaddy has donated more than $1.4 million to the Semper Fi Fund over the years. That organization helps injured service men and women and their families from all branches of service.Veterans will also enjoy continued support through GoDaddy's veteran employee organization "GDVets.”


Below are just some of the roles that one can have at these top companies. 


  • Computer Systems Manager 
    •  These managers oversee the computer activities of a company or organization, identifying what technology it needs to operate efficiently and accomplish its goals. This requires them to keep up with the latest advances in computer technology. Median Annual Salary: $135,800
  • Cyber Security Analyst 
    • Cyber security experts determine ways to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. They’re always on patrol, trying to stay one step ahead of cyber invaders with nefarious intentions. These specialists are in big-time demand, from government to private sector companies. Demand is only expected to increase.Median Annual Salary: $92,600
  • Software Systems Developer 
    • Software developers who create the apps that allow us to do specific tasks on our phones or other devices were discussed higher on the list. Software systems developers work with the underlying systems that run the devices or control networks. They’re part computer scientist, part engineer, and part mathematical analyst. Median Annual Salary: $106,860

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