Top companies for individuals starting out in tech

Tech professionals are exposed to a culture of rapid disruptions, fierce competition, and progressive growth. 

Below are some of the top tech companies to work for in 2022 according to Interview Kickstart. 

  • Hubspot

The leading computer hardware & software solutions company heavily emphasizes the importance of personal and professional development to drive business growth and innovation. All their product offerings, sales and marketing efforts, and customer service endeavors are targeted towards achieving an overall growth.

At Hubspot, entry-level software engineers earn an average base salary of $119,353 per year, whereas senior Hubspot software engineers earn up to $170k per year.



  • KnowBe4

KnowBe4 leads the tech industry as the largest security training provider. KnowBe4 is entirely virtual; however, its security training programs are touted to be the best of any tech company. It is listed at #16 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list, a recognition based on employees’ choices. 


Software engineers at KnowBe4 earn an average base salary of $113,140.

67% of KnowBe4 employees are millennials, and is listed as #4 on Fortune’s Best Tech Workplaces in 2021.


  • Slack

Slack is one of the highest-rated companies in the tech industry. Its diversity and inclusion score stands at 4.6/5, with the company offering equal opportunities to people coming from different backgrounds and perspectives. 


According to employees at Slack, the company’s culture empowers them to exhibit their natural personalities in the workplace to create brilliant, innovative technologies that make people’s lives easier. Leadership at the company was applauded for its supportive role in ensuring its employees’ wellness during the global pandemic, COVID-19. 

  • DocuSign

With diversity, inclusion, and social and environmental responsibility as their core values, the company has established itself as an edifice of rapid growth.


The typical base salary of a DocuSign software engineer is $125,490 per year. Senior-level developers can earn $161,201 per year on average. DocuSign was ranked as the #15 top U.S. large companies in Glassdoor’s 2021 Employees’ Choice awards.

 and has been for years now. It is consistently listed in the top 10 tech companies to work for, given its unmatched employee benefits, and abundant growth opportunities, In addition, Google’s health and travel insurance, educational benefits, and additional perks are some of the best in the world.  


A Google employee in tech stands to earn a compensation of $117,938 per year. From free gourmet food, on-site physicians, electric vehicles to shuttle services and global skill development programs, the company invests in its employees to enhance job satisfaction.


  • Salesforce

In their mission to increase representation and enhance diversity, they launched an initiative in 2019 to create a workforce that comprises 50% of underrepresented groups (such as women, LGBTQ+ candidates, senior citizens, people of different races and colors, etc.) by 2023. It was ranked at #1 on 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune in 2018. 

Coding engineers at Salesforce can earn up to $248,385 per year; however, their annual base salaries are $122,869.


There you have it! Apart from making sure you are a perfect fit for their culture, companies also want to ensure that they are the right fit for you. This helps them determine how likely you are to stay with them in the long term. Look up their products, employees, and core mission to determine if your goals align with the visions of the best technology companies to work for.


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