Top Positions in Tech and Salary

If you want to join the tech community after attending any of the best coding bootcamps, there are many lucrative job opportunities available. While a coding bootcamp salary relies on various factors, in most tech jobs, you can earn a high median income. Plus, your average salary increase will skyrocket as you gain more experience and technical and soft skills.


You can secure various jobs with coding bootcamp education. These professions include data science, data analytics, junior development, web development, and web design. There are tons more jobs available for coding bootcamp grads.


Here are the top tech careers for coding bootcamp grads and what the coding bootcamp salary for these careers looks like.

  1.  Web Developer
  2.  Web Designer
  3.  Software Developer
  4.  Software Engineer
  5.  Product Manager
  1. Web Developer

Salary : $109,144

The primary duties of a web developer include developing functional websites for businesses. You’ll have to write, test, and debug code while ensuring websites are updated and fulfill the company’s requirements. Aspiring web developers also attend immersive coding bootcamps so they can troubleshoot website problems.

  1. Web Designer

Salary : $93,194

While beginner coders in web development focus on technical website components, web designers work on creative elements. Any job listing for this career will tell you that web developers design the visual and interactive components of websites. You’ll have to ensure these components engage web visitors and keep them on a page for longer.

Immersive bootcamps teach future web designers HTML, CSS, C++ and Java. 

  1. Software Developer

Salary : $110,448

This is one of the most popular jobs for coding bootcamp grads. Besides the fact that a software developer’s salary is high, this career is also overflowing with career opportunities. Full-time positions in this career require professionals to design, develop, build, and test software applications. Software developers must also update applications and ensure code is error-free.There are many self-taught coders in software development. These determined professionals study programming languages, data structures, problem-solving, code testing, and math.

  1. Software Engineer

Salary : $118,392

The demand for tech professionals in software engineering is like the coding bootcamp salary these engineers earn: high. You’ll have to write new software applications and systems, update old systems and evaluate computer hardware. This tech career is ideal for patient professionals who want to know the inner workings of operating systems.

Technical skills like coding, software testing and debugging, logical thinking, and problem-solving are important to help you get a job after coding bootcamp.


  1. Product Manager

Salary : $113,777

Working in product management can mean a high salary but it also means a lot of work. If you read any job description for product management, you’ll know what we mean. Professionals have to manage products through every stage of their lifecycle and ensure the end result meets the needs of users and their company.

To become a product manager, you should have problem-solving, communication, leadership, interpersonal, teamwork, and time management skills. 

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