The Top 10 Women Tech Influencers You Need to Follow


As more women enter the tech industry, the list of leadingl women tech influencers grows longer yearly. If you are a woman considering a tech profession, you’ll want to follow these top ten women tech influencers because of their success, insights, and pulse on the industry.


These tech influencers will motivate and inspire you to grow in your tech profession. And they often showcase opportunities for women as the industry evolves. You’ll find a network and community of like-minded professionals and possible mentors by following these power hitters. 


The Top 10 Must-Follow Women Tech Influencers


Be sure to follow these inspiring leaders and newcomers in the tech industry to help grow professionally and expand your network:



1. Sheryl Sandberg: COO of Facebook


Regardless of how you may feel about Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg is a force in the tech industry. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, Sheryl, is known for her strategic thinking, leadership, and operational skills. She is one of the driving forces behind Facebook’s expansion as a global social media giant. 


She is a prominent advocate for gender equality in the industry and for helping women grow into leaders in the tech industry. She has a bestselling book, Lean In, and you can follow her on Facebook. She’s also a big advocate for online safety, inclusion, and diversity.


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2. Susan Wojcicki: CEO of YouTube


Another social media powerhouse is Susan Wojcicki, who played an pivotal role in the growth and popularity of YouTube. After joining YouTube in 2014, Susan led the expansion of the platform’s reach, helped develop new features, and launched valuable programs to grow and support YouTube’s content creators. 


Women love to follow Susan for her strategic vision and ability to foster an inclusive community. She is a vocal advocate of free speech and open access to information. She also doesn’t shy away from challenges and often voices her opinion on hot industry topics and trends.


3. Meg Whitman: Former CEO of Quibi, eBay, and Hewlett Packard


Meg Whitman is an icon of the industry, having served as CEO for Hewlett, Packard, eBay, and Quibi. She’s known for growing eBay from $5.7 million to $8 billion in sales in ten years. Currently serving as a US ambassador to Kenya, Meg has also sat on the board of directors for Procter & Gamble and General Motors. 


Meg is worth following because of her long history and track record in the tech industry. She is known for her leadership, vision, and business insights. While Quibi was a short-lived venture, she has a strong eye for new and upcoming innovations.


4. Ginni Rometty: Former CEO of IBM and Co-Chair of OneTen


It’s no wonder Ginni Rometty made the Forbes 50 Over 50 Entrepreneurs list of 2022. With over 36 years of experience in the tech industry and achievements like leading IBM’s transition into data management, Ginni is an icon in the tech industry. She has a strong vision for tech and is a huge advocate for emerging technologies. 


Ginni is one to watch because of her voice on diversity, inclusion, gender, and racial equality. In her current position with OneTen, she is leading initiatives to create over a million jobs for Black Americans. 


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5. Angela Ahrendts: Former Senior Vice President of Apple Retail and CEO of Burberry


If you work in e-commerce, you need to be following Angela Ahrendts who is a leading voice in customer experience and has a great eye for fashion. She is known for her strategic vision, pulse on innovation, and ability to elevate UX. She not only expanded Apple’s global presence but also rebranded Burberry to become a luxury powerhouse.


6. Lauren Medalia: @codergirl_ Tech Influencer and Software Engineer


Now that we’ve covered industry giants, it’s time to introduce some of the best women social media influencers in the tech industry. Lauren Medalia is an excellent resource for women who are just starting out in tech. She offers lots of tips and advice for getting tech jobs, leveling up skill sets, and leveraging the best tools to be a productive software engineer.


7. Lillian Pierson: @bigdatagal Woman Tech Influencer and CEO Data Mania


Lillian Pierson is a strong voice in data science. She helps mentor and teach tech professionals to grow in the data science field. Her book, Data Science for Dummies, is a best-seller and offers valuable insight on how to leverage data to grow your business. She is a powerful advocate for gender equality and inclusion. 


8. Reshma Saujani: CEO Girls Who Code


A prominent voice for empowering the next generation of women in STEM fields, Reshma Saujani strives to create an inviting tech community for women and girls, working to close the gender gap and advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech. Her non-profit organization, Girls Who Code, provides opportunities to learn to code and pursue tech careers.



9. Erica Baker: Director of Engineering at GitHub


Erica Baker is a respected leader in tech, serving as the Director of Engineering at GitHub. She leads out on engineering expertise, inclusion, and diversity. An outspoken advocate for gender and pay equity, she believes in transparency and creating a safe space for women to work in the tech industry.


Leading by example, Erica believes in creating and fostering an inclusive environment for all engineers. She’s definitely one to follow engineering trends, resources, and community.


10. Lori-Lee Emshey: Women’s Tech Influencer and CEO Dauntless XR


Lori-Lee Emshey is the newest voice to make our list. The CEO of Dauntless XR and a leading women’s tech influencer in reality software and engineering, Lori-Lee is a must-follow for the latest trends, resources, and tips. She is a leading voice in helping entrepreneurs, creators, and enterprises grow their businesses by incorporating mixed reality and spatial computing.


Following These Powerful Women Tech Influencers Will Benefit Your Career in Tech


We hope you liked our list and found a few influencers that will inspire, influence, and motivate you to build a successful career in tech. These women are powerful examples of why we need to close the gender gap and empower the next generation of women to consider careers in the tech industry.


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