VetTec funding should become available in March or April 2021

By: Liliana Monge

What to do NOW to get funded

As many of you may have read in the news, a new round of VET TEC funding will become available in the coming months. Because the additional $30 million in funding will be available for new types of programs and new schools, the VET TEC VA Team needs time to make changes, and this gives you time to prepare.

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Here is what you need to do now, to securing your VET TEC tuition and BAH funding.

  1. Attend an information session so that you can learn about how Sabio works with the VET TEC Program.  Schedule a time that works with your schedule here. 
  2. Begin coding now!  The only way for you to secure VET TEC funding is for you to be enrolled in a school the day funding is available.  So you have to get an admissions approval now, before funding is actually available.  At Sabio we need you to complete two free online classes, and to pass an assessment.  Our free JavaScript and PreWork coursework is found here.  Begin Now!

Remember, a Certificate of Eligibility does not guarantee funding.  You have to be enrolled in a program on the day that funding is available.  So you have to prepare now.  

It is my estimation that the new $30 million will be spent in 4 - 6 weeks.  So, if funding becomes available in April, by mid-May 2021, it may be exhausted.