Why Sabio is the Best Node JS Bootcamp that Skyrockets Careers

Are you looking for the best Node JS Bootcamp? Sabio doesn't just equip you with the skills you require. We surpass your expectations by offering a problem-solving mindset, experience, and confidence to propel your dream career. Once you finish the course, you'll have renewed focus and powerful skills to grab lucrative job opportunities. 


Why Study Node.js? Is It Worth Learning Node JS in 2022?

Smart engineers are going for Node.js skills because of the following:


1. It Works with JavaScript

You need to study Node.js if you fancy a JavaScript-related career. Plus, JavaScript is among the most popular programming languages in most software development boot camps. 


2. Node.js is Versatile

Thanks to JavaScript's pervasiveness in website development, Node.js finds its use in almost every application. The framework is useful in virtually every industry- From video streaming hubs to digital marketing to cyber security and financial websites. 


3. Powers Scalable, Data-Heavy Apps

So why are JavaScript web applications increasingly storming the internet? They don't force users to hop from one page to another to perform basic tasks. And websites like LinkedIn and PayPal have proved that Node.js is a big player in developing data-heavy, scalable applications. 


4. Enhance Quick Computing

Node.js is also among the swiftest frameworks that organizations love. It can execute a code or command quickly before you even finish typing, thanks to its non-blocking I/O. That means users can save valuable time and be glad to return to the app. 


Companies can now say goodbye to the need for audio and video file buffering. Who is patient enough to wait for sluggish media applications to load in this speed-first age?


5. Blazing-Hot Job Market

The above reasons have driven the demand for Node.js developers up. In fact, the number of jobs at indeed.com looking for this skill was standing at 12,519 at the time of weaving this article. And as long as the internet and websites continue reigning, expect the figures to grow.


6. Career Flexibility

A significant number of the Node.js and software engineering jobs are purely remote. You can enjoy flexibility beyond your wildest dreams on top of a growing career, exciting projects, benefits, creativity, and job security. And these benefits are only getting bigger and better as technology continues to skyrocket. 

What are the Benefits of Studying at The Best Node JS Bootcamp?

Coding Bootcamps benefits are worth the investment and efforts:

1. Current, Focused Curriculum 

Stitching together your online studies on your own can lead to an uneven focus on various Node.js components. The result? Getting bogged down and losing interest quickly. And a four-year university is out of the question if you have a busy schedule. 


On the contrary, the best Node JS bootcamp can offer trustworthy and clear study materials to speed up your learning. As new iterations of Node.js get rolled out, bootcamps quickly update their lesson plans to stay abreast with modern concepts. The result is a clear career path with upward mobility toward awesome prospects. 

2. Expert Guidance 

While online forums can help you acquire some knowledge, they're full of strangers who may mislead you.


An in-person or online boot camp has qualified and experienced Node.js instructors to walk you through the studies. The experts usually provide accurate and straightforward information. Also, they review your work and customize the studies to meet your needs in real-time. 


3. Career Help

Most bootcamps assist learners in getting ready for the job hunt. They do so through resume review and mock interviews. Plus, they have a connection with hiring partners who can absorb you immediately after your studies. 


4. Networking

Job hunting needs you to have a rock-solid network. Going it alone may prove stressful.


A bootcamp makes you a part of a cohort, allowing you to network and bond with fellow learners. Such networks may lead to job opportunities or even professional partnerships down the road. 


Sabio Alumni boasts a global network of software developers, product managers, and entrepreneurs. 


5. Gain Confidence

Apart from providing hard skills, our experts also offer soft marketable skills to assist you in getting what you deserve. Be sure to leave the campuses confident and transformed to take on the world. 


Still wondering if the online coding bootcamp is worth it? Let the statistics do the talking- According to the Course report as of March 2021:


  • The average starting salary of a bootcamp graduate is $69,076
  • 89% of graduates have secured a job that needs the technical skills they acquired at coding bootcamp.
  • Bootcamps satisfy 8.76 out of 10 graduates 


What You'll Learn From Our Node JS Bootcamp

Sabio is the best Node JS bootcamp that offers the latest curriculum. Our experienced experts will walk with you on the road toward your dream career. 


Let's immerse your brain in JavaScript and Google's Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. You'll be a pro in full-stack skills (both hard and soft skills) within 13 weeks. 


1. Node.JS Program

Here are some of what you'll learn:


  • Client Side Frameworks

Leverage the state-of-the-art design patterns and frameworks to engineer robust applications. Time to design powerful user interfaces using technologies such as ReactJs, a popular JavaScript library.


  • APIs & Tools

Whatever API you're imagining, we will help you master it. We are talking about GitHub, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Google Maps, Twitter, AWS, Sendgrid, and more. 


  • Database Architecture

Data powers the world. And as users skyrocket, your apoplication should handle them without collapsing under their massive weight. Let's help you design and build data-first apps that scale with increased user adoption.


  • Soft Skills

Just like many other careers, software engineering is a team sport. Know how to collaborate and communicate with team members to develop applications successfully. 


PS: If you desire to specialize in .NET, the Sabio .NET program has your back!


2. Free Prep Courses

Here's the icing on the cake: Our 100% free software engineering prep courses will help you start your career on the right path. You'll learn node.js and everything from the basics of JavaScript development to an introduction to front-end web development. Plus, you'll be part of Sabio's online forum and access our weekly group tutoring with our leading instructor. 


Here are our free online courses:


  • HTML & CSS

With our HTML & CSS, reading and writing basic codes shouldn't be rocket science. HTML & CSS are also the foundational building blocks of front-end development. 


  • JavaScript Foundations

The JavaScript Foundation course instills fundamental skills in JavaScript-related software engineering. The exposure puts you on the right track toward coding and developing the next software behemoths.


  • Pre-work

Prepare to take your software engineering career by storm! This Pre-work course takes a comprehensive look into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, and other core skills. It gives you a solid foundation for front-end web development. 


P.S: Ladies in the house? Sabio women in tech is a great place to start. 


Node.js Bootcamp Job Opportunities

Node.js is a flaming-hot skill in the world of software engineers and developers. Companies love Node.js engineers since they can quicken the development without compromising on quality. Node.js skills can empower you to become a:

1. Full-Stack Software Engineer

A full-stack web development engineer works with the backend and front-end to develop digital products like mobile, desktop, and web applications. They employ various programming languages such as Python, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to craft these products.


Node.js is among their favorite frameworks. It cuts down development effort and time, allowing you to hop onto other projects on the plate.

2. JavaScript Developer

Usually, a JavaScript developer develops only the front-end part of an application or website. But Node.js empowers you to work on the invisible part too. 


According to indeed.com, front-end developers are in high demand. Every year witnesses JavaScript developers in the US taking home an average salary of $111,480.


3. Backend Software Engineer

A backend engineer works with the invisible part of the website or application. And with Node.js skills, you can secure a good job without having great experience in server-side coding languages such as PHP or Ruby.


And the salary prospects in the US are attractive. Indeed puts the average figure at $116,790 per year. 


Key Takeaways

Studying Node.js is beneficial since it works with JavaScript to create data-heavy, scalable, and lightning-fast applications. Due to the high demand for Node.js and JavaScript applications, the market is blazing hot. And the best part? You get to enjoy career flexibility beyond your dreams. 


Node.js bootcamps are more advantageous than self-studies because you access focused and current curricula from experts. Also, you gain confidence, networking opportunities, and career services that can propel you to greater heights in software engineering.


But you must choose the best Node JS bootcamp to enjoy the benefits above. Sabio ticks all the boxes!


Our Node JS program offers rock-solid skills in server-side frameworks, APIs, database architecture, and soft skills. And the icing on the cake? You get 100% free prep courses to cement your foundation: HTML & CSS, JavaScript Foundations, and Pre-work- an introduction to front-end web development. 


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