Why Should You Learn JavaScript?

We’re happy to answer the question “should I learn JavaScript,” what JavaScript is, and how easy is it to learn! The need for software jobs is only going to increase year after year.

Coding jobs are predicted to increase by 20%, and that is low balling it. In addition to this, the median income for an entry-level coding job is just above $50,000.

It is crazy to think about how much someone can make and how easily accessible certifications are to prove that you’re a top-notch coder. That’s right; you don’t have to go to college to get a coding job anymore, so your wallet will thank you!

Of the coding languages, JavaScript is the number one language to learn for building high-quality websites. Learning JavaScript solidifies you a high paying job that isn’t going anywhere as long as the internet is around.


What is JavaScript?

Programming seems general and elusive when you try to read about it. Simply put, JavaScript and programming are lines of variables, factors, and executables that cause a system to act a certain way when the programming is read. You can tell a program what to do using JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the programming languages that makes websites tick. If you have any interactive material on a website, JavaScript is the reason it’s there.

When you go to any website, there are drop-down menus, music, videos, and much more. JavaScript is the programming language where all of this is made. CSS and HTML form a website’s structure, but JavaScript is how you bring a website to the next level.

JavaScript is also a widespread programming language that’s used for website games and applications on smartphones. So if you’re looking to design and create your next great app idea, JavaScript is the most popular way to do it!

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Should You Learn JavaScript?

Should you learn JavaScript? We love it when people ask this question because it is so easy to convince them that JavaScript is here to stay and is everywhere!

In 2020, according to Stack Overflow, JavaScript is still the number one used programming language around the world. Stack Overflow is the site programmers and computer technicians go to when they need their questions answered fast, so we know they know their stuff.

So when you ask us, “Should I learn JavaScript,” the answer is yes, yes, yes!

Are you interested in learning to program today? You can look at all of the courses that we have available to learn programming as quickly as possible!

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Is JavaScript Hard to Learn?

In a standard setting with almost no experience, is JavaScript hard to learn? We would say it is an average difficulty, but it is entirely within anyone’s grasp to learn JavaScript.

JavaScript takes someone on their own six to nine months to learn, but with a boot camp or other types of guidance, it can take as little as 12 weeks. That’s three months to have a potential full-time, stable job that will be around for a very long time.

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Why Learn JavaScript?

If you’re still asking yourself, “why learn JavaScript,” we are here to tell you how it is. JavaScript is here to stay, and there are tens of thousands of jobs every month, specifically for web and app development.

JavaScript is used everywhere, it’s in high demand, it’s fast to learn, and you can do almost anything once you’ve learned it.


As we’ve mentioned, JavaScript is used in all kinds of websites, applications, and even servers to help users navigate things easier. JavaScript has become the core for most interactable parts of a program, and this makes it so you can go just about anywhere and use it daily.

In Demand

Just Google JavaScript jobs, and you’ll see that a single website can have almost 50,000 open jobs at any one time. Yes, programming is competitive, but there are more jobs than people at this point!

Beginner Friendly

Programming languages like C++ or C# can take twice as long to learn as JavaScript, making JavaScript both the most popular and one of the most beginner-friendly languages to learn.

Twelve weeks in a program or six months on your own is all it would take to become a pro at JavaScript. This makes the bar to entry one of the lowest in the industry.

It’s in your browser

Once you know where to look, JavaScript is everywhere. This makes it both accessible and extremely easy to learn because you have examples all around you. Using developer tools in any browser can get you access to handy JavaScript programming, making it easy to find and understand.

Features of Javascript

Can Exist Outside of The Internet

You may have noticed that we mentioned server programming and JavaScript in the same sentence. This language isn’t just for cool website swirlies or awesome music.

JavaScript can be the backbone of a system and how users interact with programs that would typically be far too complex.

Visual Effects

All the graphics, clickables, and drop-down menus you can ask for are at the end of JavaScript, and more is figured out every day. This is the reason JavaScript is in such high demand, so if you’re creative or artistic, JavaScript can be the programming language for you!


Programming has been a driving force in every market since the internet has gained popularity. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and endless other sites are built on a bedrock of JavaScript.

This information needs to be continuously kept up to date and created fresh every day, so JavaScript is here to stay and easy to learn. Take a step into your future by learning JavaScript with Sabio today!

We use JavaScript every day on our site, and this makes us an excellent resource for information. Take a look at the most common questions we’re asked all the time!

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