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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Alumni Success Stories

Billy's Success Story | Sabio Coding Bootcamp

Looking for a lucrative career, Billy learned to code at Sabio Coding Bootcamp and launched his way to a six-figure salary at Cornerstone on Demand. You could too.

Looking for a lucrative career, Billy learned to code at Sabio Coding Bootcamp and launched his way to a six-figure salary at Cornerstone on Demand. You could too.

My name is Billy song from Northridge, California. Originally my background was in accounting. I was an econ major in college so I was just looking for other things to do. My friend recently did Hack Reactor in the Bay Area and using well so then I started researching down here and Hack Reactor got really bad reviews and that's how I found Sabio and my experience as Sabio was very intensive. I felt like I was thrown into the fire somewhat but you learn the most when you're in the fire. I feel like I grew leaps and bounds just being in it eight to 12 hours a day, fully immersive. Michael Oher was actually one of the bigger ones overall the camaraderie was great and with someone like Gregorio helping guide you and giving you keywords teaching you how to think about something Gregorio is the most knowledgeable coder I've ever known. He knew the answer to every question he would make the work for sometimes, which actually helps very applicable to the real world. Currently, I'm a software engineer a conference on demand and I don't think I would have gotten here with us. RVL transitioning over was a breeze. It's a great company with great culture. We have amazing parks. We have breakfast every day and arcade full table ping pong table, hey, it's good. And I'm working on our internal tools that our coders and our customer service people use. So I've prepared me for the real world because it was very similar to working there were sprints and stand ups and everything that you would find in a working environment. And I was already used to that Sabio helps you find a job too. They help you with your resume. They help you with interviews, they have these mock interviews, we had Dan pull us out of whatever we're doing, and we do like an hour mock interview or whiteboard with him in the beginning and that was really hard but it got easier. The Sabio community is pretty big and helpful when you're looking for a job a lot of them will reach out and try to help you very uplifting people are encouraging the advice I would give to people looking into Sabio or coding in general is jump into it. They say in 2020 they'll need a million developers and schools only produced 50,000 need to fill that gap somehow software when we click click click wonder

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