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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Alumni Success Stories

Dhara's Success Story - Sabio Coding Bootcamp

Dhara learned to code at Sabio and launched a successful career in cyber security, never forgetting to help other code newbie's along the way.

Dhara learned to code at Sabio and launched a successful career in cyber security, never forgetting to help other code newbie's along the way.

My background is in finance. I was in accounting and taxes for a few years. I wasn't really enjoying it. One of my cousins went through sabio I was like, There's no way a boot camp can teach you how to program six months. Once he graduated and got a job. I decided, okay, maybe I should check it out. Sabio is a boot camp that teaches you full stack development. What that means is they teach you how to code from front end to back end. So you're working on a real product actually coding and building out a real application. My cohort was honestly everything I was hoping it would be we coded together and we stayed at Sabio till like nine or 10pm. Together, the Sabio instructors were very knowledgeable and very open to help as much knowledge as they had they weren't arrogant about it very much open to like, let me share this knowledge with you and help you maybe get to where you're looking to get. I had Gregorio, he's the CTO of the company so helpful throughout the entire process. If you go up there and you have a question, they're really good about not telling you the answer exactly. But asking you a few more questions to kind of get your mind thinking in a specific way to get that problem solving mindset in you. He kind of gets you to step through the problem out loud with him and you realize at the end lucky I kind of already knew the answer. I just didn't know how to do it step by step and they really are keen on helping you build that after graduation. I got a job within the first few weeks I work as a information security analyst experiences that helped me at Sabio were that self confidence they kind of put in you that you can figure things out. They really build that skill throughout the entire time you're coding a women code is a meetup that Sabio started. It's a women inclusive meetup, where we teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics. The purpose of the meetup is really just to have women come to a meetup where you're surrounded by more women than men and feel a little more comfortable. Maybe if you're just getting into the industry to learn how to code, ask more questions. I've been an instructor for about a year, I think the best experience I've had with women code is just meeting. Most women that come into women code are my new career change. I'm trying to do something different. I'm not loving where I'm working. And I was just there in less than two years ago. It's great to be in this position. Now being able to tell them, you can change your career and you can do something better. And I would say if you're interested in Sabio go out to an information session or come to a woman code meetup that we're doing just so you know what it's like, and go and do all the research you can at home online. But until you go in and actually meet people and talk to them, you're not really going to get a feeling for what it's like, whatever it is that you're thinking of doing, whether it's coding or learning how to get into the tech industry do something actionable about it. I'm so excited to be where I am right now and doing what I'm doing. There's no way I would have been here without software. There's no way software when we click click, click want to learn how to code. Gotta go to Sabio.

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