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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Alumni Success Stories

Marty's Success Story - Sabio Coding Bootcamp

A code newbie, Marty took Sabio's coding bootcamp to jumpstart his career. He now makes six figures and his company even flies him out to Italy.

A code newbie, Marty took Sabio's coding bootcamp to jumpstart his career. He now makes six figures and his company even flies him out to Italy.

My name is Marty Henry, and I'm from Inglewood, California. What stood out to me most about sabio was their support system. And they really broke down how they can get you from point A to point B, which is pretty much getting a job in tech. I've never done coding prior to Sabio, I didn't really know an HTML from a CSS or JavaScript, I was pretty much sold upon how they were transparent about everything they tell you, this is what you have to do, you have to work hard for it. But if you do, these are the rewards. My experience is sabio was for lack of a better word fulfilling, I like to figure stuff out like to build things, I like to be creative. So I think coding enables my creativity in a different form of medium. It's very empowering. Because once you get into the job market, you really see the difference of how in demand you are with your skill set. And it's almost like you're able to make the calls of what job you want. And that's what sabio presents to their students. Once they get through the program. My cohort was a steep learning curve. What kept me going was knowing that if I went through this program, I'm for sure gonna get a good paying job. But eventually, things started clicking for me, there was a hackathon that we competed in, I actually won first place winning that hackathon told me that this is something I know I can do for a living. My job now is a sports digital media company. They're based in Italy, but they have offices in LA, I got a pretty good job offer. They also flew me out to Italy, where I was able to do some training and work with the other developers there the experiences at sabio. They helped prepare me in a sense, where if I have a question, I have to be able to figure out what are the questions that I need to ask myself and what are the problems that I need to figure out how to solve before I can present it to my peers. What was great about the cohort environment is pretty much the same as how you would work in a professional environment, that kind of environment that Sabio Garner's is what helps in the real world as well, that also that helped me even with pretty much every job that I had. I've only been coding for barely three years, and I have a great paying job. Thanks to Sabio, they prepared me well, for that kind of job environment. One of the things I have been doing since getting into the tech profession is trying to get involved in teaching kids how to code the advice I would give to people who have never heard of sabio come in with an open mind. It's not easy, but if you put in the time, you will get the gist of how to code and you'll eventually become a coding Rockstar. I think how sabio influenced my life, I have a better outlook. As far as where I see myself. I think sabio is great for helping people understand their worth. And they understand that there's a demand out there that needs to be met. And they have what it takes to get the people that they need into those spots. I don't know any other coding program or any program like sabio where they can help give people opportunities for a new career change and a lucrative career change that that tells software when we click click, click one to learn how to code. Gotta go to Sabio.

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