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Saturday, July 9, 2022
Alumni Success Stories

Moon's Success Story

From a career in Human Resources to Software Consultant, here is Moon's success story from Sabio Coding Bootcamp

From a career in Human Resources to Software Consultant, here is Moon's success story from Sabio Coding Bootcamp

Moon: Before I started Sabio, I was actually working in HR. I've been in that field for a few years and I quickly realized that I wanted to switch careers. I decided to look for a different path. My supervisor actually recommended to me that I look into coding. I was always weary of that area, I had friends who were computer science majors, I thought they were geniuses. I did not even think about looking into that area at all.

Q: How did you hear about Sabio Coding Bootcamp?

Moon: How I heard about Sabio, my supervisor, her son had gone through Sabio. He actually referred me and I thought it was super cool, because I had never heard about Sabio and it was local for me. With the pandemic hitting, it was just, the timing worked out because I had an opportunity to work remotely from home for a little bit. Sabio was offering the part-time program and that really helped me still keep my full time job. That's really what helped me make this decision.

Q: How much coding experience did you have before Sabio?

Moon: I took a free short course on HTML/CSS, I didn't even finish it. So I had no coding experience. Myspace? I don't know. Zegna, I don't know if you guys know Zegna.

Q: What was your cohort like?

Moon: My cohort, we had in total towards the middle to the end, we had about four members, which is probably small compared to what the cohorts look like now. We had a chance to work with another cohort that was full-time, on the same project for a client called Voto Voto. It was just a great opportunity because I was able to work both back-end and front-end, as well, seeing that whole cycle. Even though, to be honest at that time I had no idea, the full picture of it. I spent some time after bootcamp too, just reviewing my code, trying to understand why certain things were done in a certain way. Being able to absorb the code that you created during that time, and being able to really know what's going on so that when you get to your interviews, they're looking at if you know what you did in your past experience.

Q: What was the job interview process like?

Moon: I had a timeline, I knew I wasn't going to quit my current job for a while. If I told you how many resumes I actually put out, you'd be very disappointed in me. And then I got about, actual interviews. 5 or 6 companies that I interviewed for. Where I'm going to be going to, I want to say there were 2 1/2 rounds of interviews. The first one was what they call a technical interview. It was more they wanted to ask me some technical questions and see where my knowledge level was. The final round was just a casual conversation to learn more about the company, if I had any questions. I was actually planning on quitting my job and dedicating my time to fully look for jobs. Because that in itself is a full-time job I realized. It was very hard for me to do that after I came home from work. But, they contacted my back so I consider myself very lucky. They knew off the bat that I was coming from a bootcamp background and they were totally okay with it. Companies are willing to take on bootcamp grads. And this is where studying will help you on the side because I was able to say, you know I never actually used that method, but I learned that you used that method in these situations.

Q: What is your new tech job?

Moon: Starting my new position at Neudesic which is a tech consulting company in early June. The title is just like a general associate consultant because everyone is a consultant in that tech company. I actually heard about Neudesic through Liliana back in January, she posted on the slack channel and I sent her my resume, she forwarded it to the recruiter there and then I went through the interviews the past month and then I was given the offer. I do know because it is a consulting firm, they work with a wide range of different companies in different industries and so what's nice about that is that depending on the client, you will be able to get your feet wet in different types of technologies and they're willing to provide training for that which is awesome.

I do know that they work in an environment that is very similar to how Sabio sets the cohorts up when you work on your project. You work as a team, you have a project lead. You always have each other to check code, because it's a tech company, there's a lot of different opportunities, from what I know.

The great thing about Sabio is the network. I had a friend who was also going through another bootcamp, he was just impressed by all the connections that I was able to make, all of the help that I was able to get, and I was actually able to help him. Whether it's seeking resume help, don't feel embarrassed, there's no such thing as a bad resume, but everything can always be improved. You'll learn other valuable things from Sabio that you can take with you anywhere you go.

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