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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Tech Worker Myths

Gregorio focuses on dispelling the myths about what it is like to work in the tech industry.

Gregorio focuses on dispelling the myths about what it is like to work in the tech industry.

Hello, everyone, my name is Gregorio Rojas. I am co founder and CTO at Sabio. One of the questions that we feel from people every day is what does it mean to have a career in technology? What does that actually mean? What does it? What does it look like? What would my day to day actually be if I had a career in technology? So I'm here to answer some of these questions, and kind of dispel some of the thoughts that you might have that maybe you work in a nice fancy office, but you don't have to sit next to the machines, right? You don't have to actually go into the network room into the server room, we sometimes have a cool name like the NOC for the network operation center, doesn't have to be that it also does not have to be you sitting in a corner by yourself not talking anybody, right, we don't actually throw you in a corner and lock the door and throw away the keys. It's actually a very collaborative environment. group based because that's what collaboration is about. It's about working with other people. The focus of you coming up with solutions to problems is around technology. But it's very collaborative. It means that you are working with people that you are talking with people. And there's a tremendous sense of community large in a large scope, not just in a small scope, in a large scope, right? This, this actually happens to be a picture from a hackathon, where developers will come together to practice their trade. Now, it doesn't have to be just at hackathons that you have such group activity, lunchtimes, I actually worked at TMZ, where they had free food Fridays, and it's exactly what it said, free food, Friday's lunch would be served up for the entire company. Every week, free food, Friday's very collaborative, deep sense of community, and honestly, a lot of fun. So, maybe still not clear what a tech professional does. Look in a nutshell. We solve problems. And we do that by creating solutions. Now, what does it mean to create a solution in technology? Let me give you a couple examples. Here's a problem for you, I need a place to stay. I don't want to go to hotel. But I want a nice place to stay. I want a nice room in someone else's house. I want a cheap, affordable room in the major metro area, I want to go to New York, and I want to find an affordable room. That's all I need. I don't need anything fancy. I don't need anything beyond a bed to sleep on. Or maybe I want an entire experience. For me and my family, we're going to go away. How can I solve that problem? Well, there are people that have built Airbnb, say you're hungry, you want to order out, right? Whether you want to order out for food, or drinks, maybe you need some random stuff from the CVS, here's DoorDash. These are solutions that to problems that other people and technology have built. Now, in providing for those solutions. An important thing to talk about is that there's different roles in providing those solutions, if you think about so the world of software actually borrows a lot of terms from construction. So when we talk about developers think about the construction site, when you driven past a construction site, whether it's for a single family home, or a very large community, you can tell that there's people doing different things in there, right. And so there's people who are building, there's the people with the little white hats, maybe going to the trailer, some architects, there are folks that are going to design the community. Where should the parks go? And how should people come in and out of the park. And then there's people that actually going to be painting and making the police look pretty much just laying out the design. So there's different roles of user experience, designer, architect, project managers, there's a wide variety of roles for someone who wants to get into technology, and wants to solve problems. So the things that you want to consider when you when you're considering a career in technology, do you like to solve problems? Pretty much most of us go to work, no matter what kind of work it is that you're doing. You're solving some type of problem. Good thing about technology is that you always got to pick up some new things. So if you like learning, we feel like reading if you like consuming new things. And outputting new things coming up with solutions desserts, great. Do you like work where people again, some people are under the impression that this is just a very like a singular role? Like it's very isolated? And it's not? It's about working with people. So if you check off all those boxes, what's next? Do you like getting paid because the average base salary of a software engineer $114,000 This is from indeed.com at the time of, of me filming this. The average base salary and on top of the base salary get bonus. Right now developers are in demand. So not only would you get a bonus, at the end of the year, you might get a signing bonus. And you get options equity, potentially, in the company meaning you get to own a little bit of the company Need to get into if you get to own a little bit of a company that you get into, and it's a young company, and then it matures, and IPOs you make some big bucks. So this is really important important things to consider the like getting paid to solve problems. And if you do, and if you like working with people, if you look coming up with solutions, and you'd like to learn, then a Korean technology just might be for you. And in that world, then join us sign up at https://sabio.la for some free courses, and we'll help you get started. Thank you very much. Have a great day.

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