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Tuesday, April 25, 2023
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Yerarmy, a Software Engineer at Booz Allen, changed his life by going to Sabio!

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Yerarmy, a Software Engineer at Booz Allen, changed his life by going to Sabio!
Tuesday, April 25, 2023

He learned to code at Sabio, and changed his life, landing a job as a Software Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton

He learned to code at Sabio, and changed his life, landing a job as a Software Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton

Yerarmy: Before Sabio I was in the military. Doing the work that I did in Sabio, you know, that’s all the experience that I have in tech. But here I am.
I found out about software development or a peer. He was actually going through a different program, which I tried. My wants and needs didn't line up with that program. So my wife and myself did some research and I found Sabio. From the get go, it was a great match.

Q: What was your experience at Sabio like?

Yerarmy: My experience at Sabio, it was good. I can say I got a lot of help from everybody from Gregorio to Liliana, everybody. I had some personal stuff going on so essentially we found a way for me to stay in the program and complete the program.

Q: What were some helpful resources at Sabio?

Yerarmy: We get everything we need, honestly, to succeed. I hate to say it, but the queue. The queue works because, like, I was super bad at talking about my code. I knew how to code and I knew how to do things, get things done. But talking about code, it's hard. So I at first I was like, Man, I don't even know what to get on the queue for. But if you're really doing this the right way, you're going to have questions because something is going to bug you. Even if it's like, I know I'm done with my project, but man, this doesn't make sense. This is bugging me. I don't know why, but it's bugging me. Let me jump on the queue because it helps.

Q: How did being in a study group help?

Yerarmy: We would just do like daily study sections. Like to where if you were stuck on something or you needed help with something, like we would help each other out. We had students that were, you know, a little bit more advanced who had a little bit more knowledge. So they just disseminated the knowledge. Sometimes it takes somebody like standing up like, Hey, I know it’s Saturday, but if you want, I'm here, I'll be doing a live and you know, if you guys want to join, if you have any questions, I'm here to help. You know that goes a long way.

Q: What was the job search process like?

Yerarmy: I applied to a lot of jobs, but also I had my wife apply to a bunch of them too. Like I would do 50, she would do 50. The rejections. I mean, I'm still getting rejection emails today. I looked at like more than ten rejection emails today that I don't even remember that I applied to those jobs. The way I kind of handled it was just not really thinking about it. I would see it, and if it wasn't like, Oh, hey, we want to interview you. As soon as I saw, “we regret,” I was like, All right, next. I didn't even bother to let myself get consumed with that.

Q: What was the interview process like?

Yerarmy: The first interview was nerve wracking. I literally froze. As I got into more interviews and it just became, I'm not going to say easier, but it just became where I was more comfortable. It took me until like the fifth interview to like, have a good pitch that I felt comfortable and like I had it down to a tee.

Q: Did your security clearance help you in your job search?

Yerarmy: I see a lot of jobs that are asking for security+ or A+, network+, plus all those certifications. The more you have, the better because you know you got more leverage. Like I have a top secret clearance, which also gave me leverage. So I used that. And that was also one of the selling points that I had.

Q: Did you negotiate your salary?

Yerarmy: I told them, you know, between 85 and 95 and they came out 95 so I didn't have to negotiate on that front.

Q: What other benefits does your job offer?

Yerarmy: For me, growth within the company was very important. You know, the benefits, it's up to you what you're looking for. It's like if you're looking for, let's say, better family healthcare or, you know, somewhere that, If I need to take off or take care of my kids, you know, like I know that I'm going to have that.

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