Dan Farino

Instructor, Culver City


"Technology is all about people — helping people, to be specific."

From writing the programs to help his coworkers that landed him his first IT job to his favorite projects which allowed him to invent a tool to help his coworkers, and now at Sabio.

His great respect for his students pushes him to work hard to help them grow into software engineers daily.

What’s your teaching style?

“All the students run into an obstacle and in most cases numerous obstacles daily. If that doesn’t happen, then I know I am not connecting with them.”

“I can’t describe the satisfaction I feel when I see the light bulb go on after explaining a solution to a programming problem, those core concepts that have been dancing around in their heads suddenly making sense.”

“I don’t mind repeatedly explaining the blocks of information that make up these core concepts. I have had a unique experience literally growing up and interacting with a computer from a very young age. I know that I am crossing oceans of time to bring these students up-to-date with current programming technology and how it actually works. This challenge for me is the ultimate fulfillment.”

Joining Sabio

Dan met and worked with Gregorio Rojas at MySpace.com, who was a lead developer there at the time. Afterwards, both took separate directions and by chance met at an industrial park cafe at lunch. At this time, Gregorio had already co-founded Sabio and had the bootcamp up and running. He shared with Dan what he was working on and his vision for the Sabio fellows. The conversation regarding their need for experienced programming instructors continued every time they saw each other at that lunch cafe.

“I was now at a crucial junction in my career,” reflected Dan. “I was working a lot from home, doing a lot of solo programming in complete control of my world. However, I suddenly felt at that moment that I needed to embrace some outside culture to expand my knowledge and share it at the same time.”

Gregorio’s conversations about Sabio finally found their way into Dan’s future plans.


A Commodore 64 home computer and a textbook on BASIC for Christmas ignited six-year-old Dan’s journey into computer programming.

Dan joined the Marine Corps after high school. Thanks to his analytical mindset he became the designated go-to Marine for all computer and office technical fixes.

Dan moved to Los Angeles and landed an entry level position, performing phone technical support at Stamps.com. Soon, Dan worked his way into the IT department and rose up to become Stamps.com systems architect.

In 2005, Dan moved on to MySpace.com where he became the chief systems architect writing programs that allowed a small team of engineers to manage a network of five thousand servers.

Dan moved on to Intelligent Healthcare, where he seamlessly moved from the Network Infrastructural area to the development side programming applications.

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"I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without the help, guidance, mentorship and leadership provided to me by Sabio. The daily instructions and random mini lectures provided to me by Dan played such a key role in my success. "

Garrick K. Software Engineer at Abbott

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