Jeremy Ramos

Instructor, Irvine


The former art teacher wound up taking an introductory BASIC class while in school and fell in love.

Jeremy has worked for many years as a Developer on large enterprise applications.

"It's a huge transformation in such a short of time and it really is life changing for a lot of these folks and it's really cool to see them succeed."

What’s your teaching style?

Like all other Sabio instructors, Jeremy loves teaching and mentoring young developers. And, in the course of his career the projects he’s most enjoyed have been those that have allowed him to help others.

"I tend to be more flexible with my approach because no two students are the same and no single style fits everyone."

"Each person learns a little different than another, while some learn from verbal communication others are more visual. I try to accommodate the best I can and make the needed adjustments as time goes on."

Joining Sabio

While working for a Consulting firm found a job post for Mentoring at Sabio. Mentoring is one of the things he really enjoys so he decided to give it a try.

"Mentoring Junior Developers and getting to lead and start a new project every 3 months sounded fun!"

“Since joining Sabio as an Instructor I find myself reading a lot more technology sites than I ever have before trying to stay current or a step ahead...”

“I look forward to learning new technology and teaching what I learn”


10 years

coding experience

In 1999, Jeremy started training to do Y2K bug fixes. Later learned HTML and Web Development and has been coding ever since.

In 2008, Jeremy joined BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee as Analyst Programmer.

In 2012, accepted a position as a System Analyst at Tennessee Valley Authority.

Jeremy has continued to work for BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee in different capacities since 2008 until he joined Sabio.

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"I’m indebted to our instructor Jeremy, whose patient mentorship and insane knowledge and experience got us to where we are today. He’s a great teacher and a great guy, and it was uncanny how he knew how to answer all of the questions I had that I didn’t even know how to ask. "

Mylinh N. Associate Developer Consultant at Exsilio Solutions

Currently teaching

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