John Darragh

Instructor, Culver City


Started in software as a freshman using punch cards in the 1970s, then in the 1980s when programming didn’t require iterations of paper cards, he grew to love the field.

His favorite thing about his work is helping Sabio fellows gain a deep understanding of technology.

“Joining Sabio allowed me to make a difference in a much more dynamic organization with a worthy mission”


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What’s your teaching style?

John hopes to impart several lessons:

"Keep studying to stay relevant."

"Understand how your career path may require you to occasionally take a pay cut to learn a new technology."

"Learn the business you are supporting as a technologist and become a valued resource to your company."

The past two years have been exciting for John seeing fellows, “out in the wild,” growing in their careers, then in turn supporting newer fellows, and so on, creating a thriving community.

Teaching at Sabio

“We have to stay fairly current with new technology by being driven by what the job market wants, so part of the job is staying up to date with current trends in development.”

“Staying up to date with current trends is a given, since we necessarily train fellows in the technologies that are most in-demand."

"It’s kind of the sweet spot between the bleeding edge technologies that real companies have not yet adopted and mature technologies that are being replaced.”

“Teaching novice programmers a new technology is much harder than just learning it yourself, since you can only assume knowledge that is already presented, and often find that introducing one new concept involves teaching a handful of other things that it is built upon."

"It takes a lot of work to figure out how to present new technologies without getting bogged down in related prerequisites."


John graduated as an Electrical Engineer and later obtained a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.

While working on his postgraduate studies, John established himself as a Sr. Section Head/ Subproject Manager for TRW working on Satellite Communication Systems Engineering for 12 years.

During his time at TRW John's interest shifted to Software Development. In 1995, he joined Paramount Pictures as a Developer.

Ever since becoming a Developer, John has had a very extensive career with several different Senior and Managerial positions. He has worked as a Contractor for many companies.

In 2009, Fox Broadcasting Company as Senior Developer and continued to work as a Contractor. That same year, John's interest in teaching led him to become an Instructor at UCLA Extension and later for Sabio.

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"Overall I am constantly impressed by the quality of intelligent and good hearted people that make up Sabio’s staff. It is a life changing experience that provides the absolute best instruction, support, mentorship, and community."

Lisa K. Software Developer at Miller Kaplan Arase LLP

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