After Sabio Coding Bootcamp, Alberto Scores Job as an App Developer for LA Dodgers

Alberto Headshot in a SuitOriginally from Los Angeles, Alberto didn't know how he would end up in tech, but he always knew tech was his passion. Growing up, "I always thought I had to go down the legal field and become a lawyer because it was one of the careers presented as 'successful'. Two of the options presented to me growing up were you are either going to be a doctor or lawyer because that was a way 'out', but I was always interested in technology- I just didn't have any guidance on how to craft a path to a career in tech. My passion has always been people and technology, I love learning about how tech is advancing and the progress it is making around the world. Since there weren't really a lot of folks around me with a tech background that could steer me in the right direction, I couldn't see how I could craft a viable path to a career in technology. When I think back at what led me to Sabio, I thought it was my opportunity to solidify my skill set that I had developed on my own and accelerate my career in technology. The opportunity to fulfill a dream and work in an industry that I had a lifelong passion for is what ultimately led me to Sabio."