Anthony lands great paying job just 3-weeks after graduating Sabio Coding Bootcamp

An Orange County native, Anthony used to work in jobs he didn’t like, “I worked at this one company for 7-years where I eventually became the lead in for their manufacturing department. At one point they laid off a bunch of people but kept me. I felt lucky, but after staying there another 3-years without getting a raise, I started wanting more.  But it wasn’t even after I left there that I started Sabio. I ended up becoming a loan officer at a time that was really fantastic for that job. I started making an insane amount of money, but the problem of course was, I hated it. It was not good for me mentally at all. I don’t enjoy sales, I don’t like being on the phone 8-hours a day trying to fill a quota. It was always managers just pushing and pushing you to get more and more deals, then when mortgage rates started to increase, it got even harder to do the job. I knew then it was time to quit.”

Jobless, Anthony was happier, but still didn’t have a plan, “I had enough money where I could just focus on, ‘finding myself,’ which actually didn’t take long. It only took me about a week to figure out I wanted to get into coding. I’ve always liked computers, I used to build them with my Dad when I was younger and I sought out friends who are in software engineering. I started teaching myself how to code through online tutorials, but I realized that was going to take me forever to figure out. After three months of that, I started looking at different bootcamps. I knew that was the best route to jumpstart my career. I really looked at a lot and what stood out to me the most is that Sabio did a .NET/C# stack, pretty much no other bootcamp does that. My friends who are in the industry told me that .NET/C# is the hardest language to learn, but once you learn that, all the other ones will come much easier. That’s when I joined Sabio and it was the best decision that I ever made.”

Once at Sabio, Anthony knew immediately he was in the right place, “I can’t reference this to all bootcamps, but I think what makes Sabio stand out is that they are the best at replicating an actual work environment.

This really helps get you become job ready. They do daily standups exactly like everyone does every single day at real tech jobs. They don’t spoon feed you the answers, just like actual life after bootcamp. They put you in a position where you learn how to teach yourself and give you just enough golden nuggets to get you to where you need to be. It’s really great because they have the whole thing orchestrated to where you personally push yourself to the point where the material really sticks instead of them just telling you something that you forget about the next week.”

Even though Anthony had to learn remotely, he didn’t let that hold him back, “I really wanted to do in-person, but I couldn’t find any like that because of the pandemic. But honestly, after going through the Sabio program, they have the remote learning constructed in a way that’s perfect. You have constant access to the teachers and the coursework that you go through. If something isn’t making sense or you feel frustrated, you just go hop on the queue and in 10, 15-minutes, the teacher’s right there and they’ll give you as much time as you need to help understand the material. I think it’s the perfect workflow. You don’t want to be sitting in a classroom, listening to a teacher for 8-hours a day, that’s just boring. Sabio has the perfect mixture of watching videos, working and having that one-on-one time with the teachers. One of my instructors in particular, Brijesh, was great. He’s very knowledgeable and really knows how to give you just the right amount of information without giving you too much. His communication style was just perfectly compatible with mine and he made my experience at Sabio a lot better for sure.”

It wasn’t just the teachers that did it for Anthony, but the cohort as well, “We were a very close knit group. I mean, to go ahead and do something like a coding bootcamp takes a lot of kahuna’s. Everyone was sort of hyper excited for their new life journey. There’s so much to learn and it’s very easy to get frustrated. So to make it work, you’re in constant communication with your team members, trying to help each other out and learn the material at the same time. This is also a great way to learn because you’re talking to people that are on the same wavelength as yourself instead of someone that’s been doing it forever. Sabio gives you the perfect mixture of talking with the teachers and with your fellow cohort members as well.” 

Now a Junior Software Engineer at ‘562,’ Anthony was shocked at how quickly he got a full-time job, “The whole end of the Sabio bootcamp is focused on getting you hired. They have a whole mock interview set up that not only taught me a lot but boosted my confidence as well. They also walk you through creating your resume and giving you notes on and revisions on it. By the end, you have this pretty legit resume and Linkedin profile that helps you tremendously. Another great thing is they give you a list of over a hundred different questions that recruiters and interviewers will probably be asking you and then the actual, ‘study time,’ to go over them with your cohort. Plus, now that I learned .NET/C#picking up any new programming language is so much easier. Really that’s the biggest thing Sabio does, they teach you how to teach yourself. I was skeptical that I would land a job so quickly, but here I am.”

Even though he’s just getting started, Anthony is excited for his future, “I want to keep moving myself up in software engineering, end game, I would like to be a team lead and mentor other software engineers. I just find joy in helping other people learn knowledge to build them up as well. Before I went to Sabio I flat out hated my job. I felt like there was no room to grow and I had no idea how to change that. Now I’m in a position where there is no ceiling, there is endless potential to move up within software engineering. Plus, it’s doing something I actually love to do. It’s crazy, not only do I love what I’m doing, but there is endless potential to earn money wise. 

For those interested in Sabio or learning to code, Anthony says, “You should just choose Sabio because of the technical stack they offer. That puts you ahead of the game. They also have a bunch of material called PreWork that is free. You can go in and see if coding is actually something you like doing. If it is, I would 100% recommend Sabio because they exceeded my expectations and got me an easy job. I never would have predicted that I would be able to land a good paying full-time position three weeks after graduating. Everything has worked out perfectly and I never would have been able to get here without Sabio.


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