Bryan Goes From Non-Profit to Doubling His Salary with Sabio


Originally from Sylmar, CA, Bryan always found himself dabbling in technology, “For a while I was working at a nonprofit that works with LA high school students, running after-school curriculum and programs. I was actually trying to incorporate some type of STEM program in the curriculum, I really wanted the students to learn coding, so I taught myself basic HTML/CSS, but knew that I needed to know more. After introducing coding to my students, I realized I wasn’t satisfied with my financial or living situation, and that coding could be a way for me to improve my life. Although I had a college degree, it was only working for me so much, and it kind of just clicked that I should pursue coding and sure enough within six months of making that decision, I’d more than doubled my salary.”

Taking a leap into coding wasn’t difficult for Bryan, “I studied Global and International Studies at UC Santa Barbara. We studied world events, governments, globalization, which has a bit to do with global tech companies. So being tech-savvy, I wanted to learn more which lead me to Sabio. A friend of mine who was part of cohort five was the one who invited me to an introduction about of program. It all just felt right.

I quit my job last December, went through PreWork, started cohort in February, then in May I landed a job as a Software Engineer. It all happened in less than a year. Looking back on the initial click, my motivation to make my girlfriend proud, my financial situation, living situation, I was hungry for more, and I got it.”