Many Sabio Coding Bootcamp Alumni Score Coveted Paid Amazon Web Services (AWS) Apprenticeship Positions

Are you ready to get paid to learn? Our Sabio alumni sure are!

We're proud to announce that 2022 Sabio Coding Bootcamp alumni James, John, Javier, Martisha, Dominique & Trey have all been accepted into the covered Amazon AWS Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program.

Established in 2017 for military veterans and their spouses to transition into tech careers, the AWS apprenticeship program has been vastly expanding ever since. However, it's founding principle is still the same: 

  1. Candidates need to have graduated from a coding bootcamp
  2. Once accepted, candidates get the opportunity to be paid to learn over a period of 6 to 18 months, with starting salaries of over $100,000
  3. The opportunities are seemingly endless with roles including cloud support associate, software development engineer, data center maintenance and technology, UI, research design, and more.

The apprenticeship program gives its participants a chance to work with AWS teams on real-world projects. If this model sounds familiar, it's because Sabio Coding Bootcamp follows a similar format. The goal of Sabio is to get its alumni jobs, the goal of the Amazon AWS Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program is investment in future employees. The program is designed for people who might not have traditional access to university recruiting or general AWS recruiting and aims to add talent from non-traditional coding backgrounds to AWS and other like minded companies. 

Part of Amazon's Career Choice program, Amazon has now committed a $1.2 billion commitment to provide free education and skills training, Amazon aims to give opportunities to more than 300,000 U.S. employees by 2025. Currently, Amazon has more than 110 on-site classrooms in 37 states and over 50,000 Amazon employees have participated since its inception.

Like Amazon, Sabio believes in elevating people in the tech field through non-traditional methods, (like our coding bootcamp,) and we are so thrilled to have another group of our alumni accepted into this program. In addition to Amazon, Sabio works closely with tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Cornerstone and more to get our alumni hired. 

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