Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program

What’s better than getting paid to learn?

A question that’s a reality for Sabio alumni Rebecca, Robert, and Maxine who have been accepted into the prestigious Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program.

The Microsoft Leap program is an apprenticeship program that gives its participants a chance to work with Microsoft teams on real-world projects for 16-weeks. If this model sounds familiar, it’s because Sabio Coding Bootcamp follows a similar format. The goal of Sabio is to get its alumni jobs, the goal of Microsoft Leap is investment in future employees. The program is designed for people who might not have traditional access to university recruiting or general Microsoft recruiting and aims to add talent from non-traditional coding backgrounds to Microsoft and other like minded companies.

Established in 2015, the Leap program has multiple tracks: software engineering, technical program management, software support engineering, user experience design, business program management, and customer service engineering. The best part, you can choose whichever pathway you’d like and switch if the fit isn’t right.  

Like Microsoft, Sabio believes in elevating people in the tech field through non-traditional methods, (like our coding bootcamp,) and we are so thrilled to have another group of our alumni accepted into this program. In addition to Microsoft, Sabio works closely with tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Cornerstone and more to get our alumni hired. 

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