Mom who knows no coding joins Sabio and lands .NET Developer job

Being a full-time mom is a challenging job in itself, but after three years at home, Saemi knew she wanted to contribute more to her baby’s future financially, “I got a bachelor’s degree in Japanese. After college, I got married and had a baby, but when I went to start looking for jobs three years later, I couldn’t find anything full-time related to my degree. I had always wanted to study mathematics but didn’t have the time-span to go back to school for two or more years. Through discussions with my husbands and friends, I shifted gears to looking at coding bootcamps. That’s when an army vet friend of mine recommended Sabio.”

Saemi wanted to make sure she was getting the full picture and checked out a couple of other coding bootcamps as well, “I went so far as to go to another orientation for a bootcamp in San Diego. But it wasn’t even close to as legitimate as Sabio. They didn’t seem to have a clear set of programs. That’s what struck me about Sabio when I went to their InfoSession hosted by Liliana Monge (Sabio’s co-founder and CEO.)

It was all very professional. I was especially struck by the PreWork course, where you got to prepare before actually getting into the cohort. I really liked that, it wasn’t like starting from scratch.”

Even with PreWork, however, like all of her other classmates, Saemi had a new challenge every day, “I liked mathematics, but the concept and thought process is different than coding. But once I decided to commit to Sabio, I rented a room near Irvine to reduce the commute time and give me an opportunity to really focus on studying. I would stay in the classroom for 12–14 hours a day because I knew I really needed to get a job after this. That’s what kept driving me and forced me to study harder.”