Sabio grad Jane turns her coding skills into online business and full-time job

For the longest time, Jane swore she would never get into coding, “All of my family members are engineers — my dad, my stepdad, my mom. So, of course, the only natural thing to do was do the absolute opposite: go for a film degree. I originally wanted to be the film editor for those big-box films, and I was fascinated by the way movies would cut from scene to scene. I later had an internship where I realized how siloed that whole field felt to me; it just wasn’t a great fit. Years later I found myself in a job where I had to design and lead A/B tests for a company. The way that our websites were designed forced us to code our tests from scratch. I ended up really liking what I was doing and there was a creative aspect to it that I hadn’t seen before. There was a creative aspect to it that I hadn’t seen before. In my mind, I thought coding was dry and boring, but after trying myself I realized that couldn’t be further from the truth. I started studying on my own. I would wake up at 5AM to code before work. I’d code on my breaks, code during lunch, code after work — it was eat, sleep, code, repeat. After doing that for months, I got promoted from a marketing role to a front end developer one. I had absolutely zero experience but I would figure it out as I was going. I eventually hit a growth plateau, and I wanted to take my coding to the next level. That’s when I heard about Sabio from my stepsister.”

Jane_Sabio_Fellow_Full Stack Engineer

Jumping into her new career path was exciting, but definitely not easy. “It was a huge commitment. I actually ended up moving to Marina Del Rey because I knew how much I would be on campus and wanted to avoid the commute and make sure I could fully be there. When I was in the program, the day-to-day consisted of code, code, and more code. There was a lot of imposter syndrome, and I constantly had to remind myself why I was there and what the end goal was.”

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