Selva's Journey: Dreaming in Pictographs and in Code

Selva M. has always dreamed in pictographs, also known as glyphs. Those images are engrained into her DNA from hundreds of generations of native Quiché Mayan ancestors. When she decided to pursue a career as a full-stack developer/software engineer, Selva’s confidence instantly soared when she first glanced at a line of object-oriented programming code. The object-oriented coding glyphs were so familiar, they spoke to her.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Educational Studies from Chapman University in 2014, Selva worked for a non-profit organization before becoming a Legal Specialist for the Law Offices of Lee and Baghoomian, P.C., in Pasadena. When Selva shared with one of the practices’ attorneys her plans of attending law school, he passed along some of his work experiences. It was a dose of reality. The attorney told her, “You’re a smart young lady, our industry is not doing well, you should learn how to code.”

The attorney had read about the growing demand for software engineers, and he had conversed with several software engineers about their long electrical engineering career paths. He also encountered several younger software engineers who had managed to skip all that because of accelerated coding bootcamps. Based upon conversations with the attorney where she was working, Selva investigated further.

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