Tassia scores dream job at MedMen as Software Engineer

Tassia MedMen Developer

Originally from Washington State, she attended Tulane University and got a degree in Economics and Environmental Studies. After college, Tassia found the job market scarce, “I put in a year and a half looking for jobs in my field and couldn’t find anything, that’s when I got a few suggestions about coding. It wasn’t so much of a stretch for me, the prospect of taking a problem and breaking it down, and being able to not only solve a problem but being able to create something out of it, which is what coding is, really appealed to me.”

Deciding coding was her new path, Tassia began the quest of finding the perfect coding school, “At first it was very overwhelming because there were so many options out there. I found that I really liked Sabio, because unlike other bootcamps, it really showed the statistics behind its output, the students and how success they’ve been since they’ve graduated.

Not a lot of coding bootcamps do that, some of them I reached out to and asked about how their graduates are doing or what their percentages are for finding jobs, and a large majority of them didn’t have that information which was a red flag to me. Sabio was very straightforward. I attended an Info Session, got all my questions answered, what stack I should choose, why I should go into this field. It was very reassuring.”

Tassia jumped straight into PreWork and despite starting from scratch, quickly caught on, “It was very challenging at first, but it was a lot of fun. My instructor was great about being able to really step through the code bit by bit, line by line. And just even being available off hours away from class. It made the transition to the actual bootcamp very smooth.”