With no tech background, Rozy scores a big job win after Sabio

Rozy never thought she would enter the field of coding, “I don’t have any background in tech at all. I actually used to own my own business that had to shut down during the pandemic. After that happened there was a lot of, well, what do I do next? I was at home with the kids and I actually spoke with one of the instructors at Sabio, Brijesh. He introduced me to Sabio and just told me to try out the PreWork and see if you like it. He had told me that going to Sabio is a path that can really help you jumpstart a great career. I was skeptical at first but you know, I tried the PreWork and liked it, and in the end, it turned out he was right.”

When choosing her path, Rozy decided to go all in, “I did the 17-week program which was absolutely the right choice. I wanted a more guided approach because I’m not great at time management and the 17-week program really helped me get into it. What was really cool was at Sabio, you work on a ‘real world’ project, meaning, an actual job that will then translate to your resume and get you hired. I’m not going to lie, it was a lot of work, but I committed to the 12-hours a day and I was shocked when things actually started clicking. My cohort was so great and supportive, we would have zoom calls all the time discussing things back and forth and giving each other advice. It really helped open up my mind to different ways of thinking that I’m still using today at my current job.” 


It wasn’t just the cohort that helped, but the entire Sabio interview prep experience, “The mock interviews we did helped me so much. It showed me my weakness very quickly and pointed me to where I needed to study more, so I did. I also used every technique Sabio taught about applying for jobs, like carpet bombing and submitting to everything, doing LinkedIn, all the networking tricks. I was surprised when I got two interviews almost immediately after graduating, and the 2nd interview ended up being with the company that I’m working for now. That interview was so challenging, but every technical question they asked, I already knew the answer because Sabio had taught me all of it. I also found that saying I went to a bootcamp worked to my advantage because I was able to talk about the process of quick problem-solving. In the end I asked for 75K a year and they offered me 80k. I’m fully remote with full benefits, it’s crazy. This is literally my dream job scenario: it’s fun, I can spend time with my kids and home, and not have to worry about anything. I put in the work, but Sabio is responsible for all of that. They taught me how to believe in myself and know that I can do anything I set my mind to.”


Rozy was hired by: Saic logo