Yerarmy scored an awesome job after graduating from Sabio making over $90K-a-year.

Only with Sabio do these underdog stories become a reality. Yerarmy, who served eight years in the military, followed in the example of a peer of his who was transitioning into software development. “He was actually going through a different program, which I tried. My wants and needs didn't line up with that program,” Yerarmy says. “So my wife and myself did some research and I found Sabio. From the get go, it was a great match.”

As a coding bootcamp, Sabio is by definition intense. It has rigorous standards, provides tons of resources, and boasts excellent instructors. But what also sets it apart from the competition is in line with its mainly military clientele – their “no man left behind” motto. When Yerarmy was struggling with some personal issues and falling behind in his coursework, co-founders Gregorio and Liliana intervened. “Essentially we found a way for me to stay in the program and complete the program.”

But he also received help from his classmates. He was part of a tight-knit group of friends who worked in the same cohort and would constantly be on zoom calls, working through problems together around the clock. “We had students that were, you know, a little bit more advanced who had a little bit more knowledge. So they just disseminated the knowledge.” Often, as Yerarmy explains, it only took one person to shout out to the group that they would be doing a live call on a Saturday, inviting people to jump on the call if they needed any help. “You know that goes a long way.


The queue is something Sabio students are constantly reminded of – how important it is, how it should be utilized regularly. But still, it’s an effort to actually get on it and articulate your questions, as Yerarmy remembers. “So I at first I was like, Man, I don't even know what to get on the queue for. But if you're really doing this the right way, you're going to have questions because something is going to bug you. Even if it's like, I know I'm done with my project, but man, this doesn't make sense. This is bugging me. I don't know why, but it's bugging me. Let me jump on the queue because it helps.”


Being able to understand his code from new angles and discuss it with other people really prepped him for his job interviews where he had to do exactly that. It took him a while to get the hang of selling himself though. By about the fifth interview, he had his spiel down and was able to tactfully maneuver the inevitable experience question. 


The job he eventually landed is at a consulting firm where he makes $95k-a-year as a software engineer. As a family man first and foremost, the deciding factor besides the position’s growth potential was how it took care of his family. The health insurance is great and, as he says, “If I need to take off or take care of my kids, you know, like I know that I'm going to have that.”


Yerarmy was hired by: Booz Allen Hamilton logo