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Schedule a 10 minute 1 on 1 • Email Us: • Call Us: 1(626)899-4577

Taking the First Step on Your Tech Career Journey

Here at Sabio, we encounter many smart and highly motivated individuals that want to learn code and jump into a tech career. But switching careers can feel daunting and filled with hurdles. A question we often get asked is: “Where do I even start?”

The journey to changing careers and joining tech feels like a long one with many steps. There is a wonderful saying by the Chinese philosopher Laozi: “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. 

So, what will be your first step? Here are some ideas to help you. 

Idea #1: Try Sabio’s Free JavaScript Course.

In this free course, you will jump into coding. You will get a chance to test it out and see how you like it. It’s easy to register and it’s all online. You can watch it at your own pace! Start today and commit 5 minutes. 

Idea #2: Come to an info session to learn more about your future tech career.

At the info session webinar, you will learn about the Sabio program. No sales pitch. No commitment. If you’re curious to learn how Sabio could change your life, an info session is a great way to find out more. 

Idea #3: Read Cindy’s success story or watch a success story video .

So many amazing ladies have already taken the journey to a career in tech. So many of them didn't know where to begin and now they're succeeding big time. Inspire yourself with these stories. 

Which step will you take first? Learn to code and change the world!

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