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Women Tech Entrepreneur: Whitney Wolfe, CEO of Bumble

Are you considering becoming a women tech entrepreneur? We hope you’ll find inspiration in women tech entrepreneur and CEO of Bumble Whitney Wolfe’s quote: 

“The only failure is not trying. Trying and having it not work isn’t failure.” 

Bumble goes public

Whitney Wolfe was part of the founding team of Tinder dating app and saw a need for a more women friendly dating app. From this idea, she has built Bumble over the past 7 years. It is now worth over $7 billion dollar and Whitney is one of the rare young billionaires at 31 years old. 

Bumble just went public on February the 11th. CEO Whitney celebrated the success in a bright yellow suit with her one year old on her arm, giving mothers across the world hope and inspiration. 

When Bumble went public, she posted on her private Instagram account (@whitney) the following message: 

“To anyone going through a setback, low point, or rough patch. To anyone who feels disempowered in their relationships — or who‘s had the courage to make the first move into healthier ones. Today is for you. This is the outcome of starting over again when it feels like the end. It’s a testament to new beginnings, new paradigms, and new norms. Today has shown that barriers can be broken when we believe in a better way. @Bumble is the outcome of a fiercely dedicated team who’ve worked tremendously hard to show that women can, should, and will make the first move. When relationships are better for women, they’re better for everyone. To all the first movers, whether on our platforms, in business, or in life: you’re what today is about. Never take no for an answer, believe in yourselves, and turn your pain into purpose. Most importantly, treat people with kindness and dream big.”

Sabio is on a mission to help Women Tech Entrepreneurs

Becoming a women tech entrepreneur takes an idea, commitment, and a leap of faith. “For me, I am more scared of complacency than having something not work out. I’d rather take a leap of faith and fall than stand on the edge forever” says Whitney.

This quote embodies many of our values here at Sabio because we believe in women and that their ideas will help change the world. At Sabio, we invest in giving our students applicable tools and skills to build websites, apps, and products and turn those ideas into realities. 

Investing into Sabio’s bootcamp is investing into your future. The more you know, the more you can control and own the ideas you have.

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