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Top Coding Bootcamp Sabio offers Scholarship for Women

At Sabio coding bootcamp, we are confident about the following two things:

1) There are not enough women in tech and 2) Sabio is going to help get women into tech.

The gender inequality of the tech industry is nothing new. There are currently twice as many men as women working as software engineers, but this trend is starting to change. Women are starting to realize that the tech industry is ripe with opportunities. The industry as a whole is starting to recognize the gender gaps (including lower pay, higher turnover rates, and general underrepresentation of women). As trends shift and more women take on tech roles, the industry will see gains in diverse thinking and new ideas. And women will benefit too. Women will get to realize that tech can help them obtain a secure future with remote flexibility and benefits, and work on exciting projects. 

In addition, companies will see benefits as women rise up to be top leaders. Women led companies have performed three times better than the S&P 500 (which is filled with companies run mostly by men).

Sabio, a top coding bootcamp, is offering a generous scholarship for women to help ease the financial burden that typically comes along with gaining coding skills. This scholarship will make learning coding skills much more accessible. If you have ever considered a career in tech, now is the time!

The Scholarship

Sabio is a top coding bootcamp that offers flexibility with online learning. One of the ways Sabio coding bootcamp plans to help more ladies get into tech is by offering one of the largest scholarships offered from top coding bootcamps out there.

Sabio coding bootcamp is excited to announce that the Jill H. Mays Women in Tech Coding Scholarship will be provided to a limited number of ladies that are looking to transition into tech and become software engineers. 

Awards of up to $5,500 may be given to qualifying individuals, to be used for Tuition and Living Expenses during the Full Time Program.

Since 2019, Sabio coding bootcamp has offered over $50,000 in Women in Tech scholarships to various ladies throughout the country. And they won't stop there. Sabio is committed to offering this scholarship to any woman who brings passion, motivation, and commitment into the program.

The Details

Ladies that are interested in the Jill H. Mays Women in Tech Scholarship must demonstrate significant interest in furthering their tech education via the Sabio Coding Bootcamp. In addition, ladies that have been affected by COVID-19 (laid off, reduced work hours, etc.) will be given priority. Financial need will be taken into consideration as well.

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. It's easy to apply and takes less than 5 minutes. Once your application is received, someone from Sabio will call you to walk you through the next steps.

If you are ready to take on a new challenge, move into a new and secure career, and change the world of code, apply now to our top coding bootcamp at Sabio. It literally takes less than 5 minutes.

Previous Recipients

Here are some awesome ladies who previously received the scholarship and have gone on to change their life with a tech career.


Haley Freeman, Software Developer @Codagami

Haley Stamp, Full Stack Developer @Hostafanapp

Robin Duong, Full Stack Developer @48WS

Mariana Cueto, Full Stack Developer @Interns.LA

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