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Why We Need More Women in Tech

There is research that suggests that companies do better when women are leading them. Yet, women remain underrepresented in the corporate world, especially in the tech industry. There are just not enough women in tech. Addressing these gender gaps does not involve a simple solution. It takes time, continuous effort, and innovative thinking to make big changes.

The tech industry is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. Accenture’s latest report shows that there were 10x more jobs open than there were recent computer science graduates to fill them. This is a huge opportunity for career switchers to move into the tech industry as it is ripe with new opportunity. Trends also suggests that women are becoming less likely to pursue tech. This is a problem. We need to act now to help change this narrative.


Here are three big reasons why we need more women in tech:

Reason #1: 50% of users and customers are women.

If we want to develop products and solutions that mean something, we need more women providing perspective on what we need and want. New innovations will come from having women on the design team.

Reason #2: Women think differently.

Men and women have different perspectives. Research shows that having more diversity in a room results in more innovation. We need more women to help challenge the status quo in the rooms of men who have been dominating the tech industry. Being a woman in a room full of men with different ideas than you is not always easy, but we need more brave women to be the change.

Reason #3: We need more women in tech as role models.

As more women make their way into tech, they will start to make big accomplishments. This will hopefully start influence the next generation of girls to feel empowered to study code.

We are committed at Sabio

At Sabio, we are working to change this narrative by our commitment to help more women get into tech. We offer a Women in Tech Scholarship for any woman passionate about starting a tech career. We have an established network of companies that support us with this mission.

Give us your time, energy, and passion and we will help you get a job that matters! Come learn how code could change your life, help you make an impact on the tech industry, and allow you to shape the next generation of female tech leaders!

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