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Women Tech Entrepreneurs create Workchew

We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are to hear about the women tech entrepreneurs who created Workchew. 

Workchew is a Black women-founded start-up that offers a new way to work remotely: in on-demand workspaces located in hotels and restaurants. Employers or individuals can join the membership program for unlimited access to on-demand work spaces and discounts on food. 

Workchew was co-founded by Maisha Burt and Allyson McDougal in 2018 while they were working remotely and had the mutual desire for more interesting places to work from. Both co-founders bring experience in corporate finance, investment banking, enterprise sales, and marketing. Burt and McDougal stated “the lack of on-demand workspace, if and when a professional needs it, has enormous implications on productivity, mental health, and the overall ability to perform well on the job”.

Founders of WorkChew having lunch

Workchew just announced that they have raised $2.5 million in a seed funding round led by Harlem Capital and including participation from VC firms and strategic angels. Workchew currently offers on-demand workspaces in Washington D.C. and plans to expand to cities in New York, California, Texas, Georgia, Colorado, and more. They are also planning to expand their team, specifically in areas of product development and marketing in order to help them expand across the US. 

As we transition out of the pandemic, many companies will be considering whether to bring their staff back in the office or to keep them remote. Workchew offers an innovative solution for both the employee and company. For the employee, Workchew provides a safe, enjoyable, and interesting office outside of the home that saves travel miles. For companies, Workchew offers a solution that saves money and resources.

Maisha Burt reflected on the recent success of Workchew: “growing up and seeing my dad build different businesses, some of them worked and some of them didn’t. It taught me that if a business doesn’t work it’s not a failure. Everything is a lesson”. 

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