About Sabio

Founded By

Gregorio Rojas and Liliana Monge
in Southern California

Sabio was born from the belief that high-level tech industry executives can help teach and train the next generation of software engineers.

We’ve created a tight-knit community that goes way beyond a coding program. Our bootcamp is a family of people who care, and we’re committed to helping you not just learn how to code, but to help you be successful in career and life.

Liliana Monge

Liliana Monge

CEO & Co-Founder

Liliana is a social entrepreneur that believes in the power of the <script> tag. Throughout her career, she has been driven to help people become exceptional technical professionals, and is the heart and soul behind Sabio.

Gregorio Rojas

Gregorio Rojas

CTO & Co-Founder

Gregorio has been in the software development field across a variety of industries since 1999. His background allows him to not only provide Fellows with the best technical mentoring and support but also insightful and effective coaching.

The Sabio Manifesto

1. We believe that your career doesn't just impact you, but also the people you love.

That's why Sabio is a community that supports you through thick and thin, whether it be family obligations, time constraints or life decisions.

2. We owe you a job.

Sabio cannot offer you a job placement guarantee as it is not legal in CA and not permissible by a number of finance partners. However our program would not change if we could. We offer best-in-class career support for students no matter when they graduated.

3. We are always evolving and improving.

Our curriculum is constantly re-evaluated and updated with input from our corporate partners, and created from 100% original, vetted material. Our instructors come together weekly to discuss best practices and develop their teaching skills even further.

4. We are invested in your potential as an individual.

That doesn’t just mean a job. It means your confidence, your outlook and your soft skills beyond coding. We want you to graduate from Sabio as the person and professional you want to become.

5. We enforce a 100% no B.S. policy.

We never inflate success numbers or salaries. We never push a hard sell on prospects. You will never see us omitting or exaggerating. You will always be able to trust our word.

6. We believe a coding bootcamp should be a transformative experience.

You will make friends that last a lifetime. You will discover just how smart and capable you really are. You will reflect on your life as “before” and “after” Sabio.

7. We work hard and laugh a lot.

You’ll see just how strong of a community Sabio is, and how much we combine hard work with serious fun.

8. We live for the ‘aha’ moments.

The moment you get it. The moment you brilliantly solve a difficult coding problem. The moment you go from student to professional. We live for those moments.

9. We have your back.

No matter what is holding you back, we will help you overcome it. We’re your team.

Incredible program! It's astonishing how much you can learn in just 3 or 4 months with the help of such a well organized program and intelligent instructors. Got a job in just 2 weeks after graduating!
Jeremy Kirk

Jeremy Kirk

Software Engineer at InTouch Health

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California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

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