Sabio Coding Bootcamp Senior Tech Instructors

We believe your Senior tech instructors are the single most important factor in student success, and therefore only hire and train experienced tech professionals. Their knowledge as developers ensures that our students learn skills that are current and competitive. Additionally, our PreWork program helps students with no tech knowledge to have a steady foundation for the coding bootcamp course. This way, the whole class can move at the same pace.

Our instructors keep an open line of communication throughout the course so that students are comfortable voicing their struggles or queries. Every quarter, Sabio Instructors support Sabio Fellows at a large-scale industry Hackathon. Here you can add invaluable expertise to your resume while competing for cash prizes as you get to know other members of the Sabio community.

Gregorio and Liliana talking with Sabio Fellows Outdoors
Gregorio Rojas

CTO & Head Instructor

Gregorio Rojas

Gregorio is an industry veteran whose career dates back before the "Dot-Com Bubble" burst. Gregorio transitioned from a non-tech career, and anticipating the future, he hustled to pick up multiple new skills that would make him marketable in the tech industry. His strategy was a success and Gregorio uses his experience to inform and motivate other Sabio Fellows to do the same.

He began his tech career working for a development shop where he managed an IKEA site and has since worked in many prominent companies. Currently, he drives technology and student success at Sabio.

Career Highlights:

  • 22 Years experience as a developer
  • Senior Developer, Lead Developer, Director of Development, Founder and CTO
Brijesh Patel


Brijesh Patel

Brijesh is singular proof that paths are not linear. After receiving his MBA in 2011 from the University of La Verne, Brijesh set out on a journey. Working as a financial advisor, hotel manager, to salesman, nothing ever felt quite right. There was always a burn for technology in his heart, which led him to Sabio in 2015.

Brijesh’s professional experience at Advantage Solutions garnished him with various accolades, like his promotion from junior developer to supervisor of the integration of many of the company's applications in 2016.

In 2019, he joined Sabio full-time as a Full Stack instructor, bringing his real-world experience and knowledge of languages including C#, Agile, ASP, .NET, T-SQL, Javascript, HTML, jQuery & Angular.js.

Daniel González


Daniel González

Daniel is an academic at heart. After receiving a BA in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, he proceeded to go after a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from CSULA. Post graduation of his Masters, Daniel found himself learning HTML and CSS on his own to improve basic elements of his employer’s company’s website which is when it dawned on him that tech was becoming a growing and well-paying industry. He swiftly made the transition to tech by enrolling at Sabio in 2014.

Daniel gained professional experience as a Full-Stack Web Developer at Cascade Financial Technology Group and as a Software Engineer at IBISWorld. In 2016, Daniel rejoined Sabio, but this time as an instructor where he narrates his experience to serve as an example of how to transition from any industry into tech.

He draws from his previous work experience at established companies to simulate mock workplace scenarios as part of the coding bootcamp experience.

Hector Arias


Hector Arias

Hector is always up for a healthy debate on what’s the balance between theory and practice. After all, he did study physics. After receiving his B.S. of Physics from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Hector wanted to merge his science background with technology and enrolled at Sabio to accomplish this.

Following his graduation from Sabio, he served as a Full Stack software developer for Lash Girl Club, an online cosmetics box subscription site that also provides health and wellness advice. At Lash Girl Club, he led the creation of their content management system.

Hector is in his fourth year as an instructor at Sabio where he interviews and evaluates students’ progress and manages product development.

Message from our Founders

"Sabio was created to help smart and highly-motivated individuals break into tech; therefore, we can only properly train people if we have amazing and super dedicated Senior Technical Instructors. We are so excited about the Team of Sabio Senior Instructors, and know they will play a critical role in developing amazing technical professionals."

Greg & Lily
Sabio Co-founders
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