Free Software Engineering Prep Courses at Sabio Coding Bootcamp

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Our online prep courses will teach you from the fundamentals of JavaScript development to an introduction of front-end web development. The online prep courses come with access to our weekly group tutoring with Sabio's head instructor and an online forum.


Our HTML & CSS course allows you to gain the basic understanding of reading and writing code, all while building an essential foundation for front-end web development. HTML & CSS are the basic building blocks in front-end web development.

If you're new to coding, start here!

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JavaScript Foundations

The JavaScript Foundations course will introduce you to the fundamentals of software engineering in the context of JavaScript development. This course is intended to be your first exposure to software development and coding.

If you have taken HTML anywhere you can start here.

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PreWork, an introduction
to front-end web development

Our online PreWork course is a great second step in preparing for Sabio Coding Bootcamp and a career as a software engineer. The PreWork course is a comprehensive look at the core skills needed. PreWork continues to focus on JavaScript and covers core concepts of HTML, CSS, and responsive design. At the end of the course, you will obtain a solid introduction to front-end web development.

If you're familiar with JavaScript start here.

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Tutoring & Online Community

Once you enroll for any of our courses, you receive an invitation to join us in our Slack community. Our collaborative slack community allows you to meet new software engineers-to-be and grants you access to our weekly tutoring sessions with head instructor, Gregorio Rojas.

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